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Alma Laprida

Alma Laprida | La Estela También Desaparece
- Card deck, black pen, pencil, graphite and cutter -
Interpreters: Macarena Guerrero & Rossana Lara.

NO PROMO TRACK | BUY (7€) | w/Cards

Alma Laprida composes and plays pieces for trumpet marine, synthesizers, lyre,
field recordings and non conventional instruments and objects
such as megaphones, nylon bags, home appliances and toys.

Alma Laprida

Variable number of interpreters.
White A4 paper sheets, black pen, pencil, graphite and cutter.
The cards can be sorted or mixed.

The conductor indicates when to take a card and when to start an action,
when to change the graphic element or writing and dynamics,
and once the cards are completed, when the action ends.

The cards indicate you can draw circles, squares, ascendent lines, dots and strokes or sign freely.

Some cards have size indications for the strokes and for the speed or the intent thereof.
The pressure exerted by the interpreters on the paper should be enough to provide a clear outline.
The letters S, M y L correspond to "small", "medium", and "large".