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Release date: 26.12.14
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Audition Records has a new program of radio after CCDRadio, Centro de Cultura Digital have invited us to join their cultural agenda. >>>
Season 1 was premiered on August 13 and concluded on November 19, 2014, and we are preparing already the next two seasons for 2015.

Mainly all the programs have brief interviews in strongish - we're located in Mexico City -, with the exception of some transmissions we invite international artists. The program is composed normally by two solo performances and a blind date, but we have also programs dedicated to artists-in-residence, as in the case of Valentina Vuksic, Diatribes, or Vinyl Terror And Horror.

Another important detail is we are focusing on young musicians, to portray the expanded scene happening in Mexico City nowadays, even if they are not improvisers or artists related to experimental scene; and for the unannounced artists, we are inviting more experienced and established improvisers, to enrich the experiment through these Blind Dates of Noise and Improvisation.

IMPORTANT: The complete radio shows including the interviews are available in the links listed below - next to the name of each artist - and labeled as RUIDO A CIEGAS 08, RUIDO A CIEGAS 09 ...





Electric Nightingale is Aimée Theriot. Maker of songs by nature, (de)composer of sounds by training, and improviser by casuality.


02. DIATRIBES [ excerpt ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 09

Diatribes (Geneva, Switzerland). This duo explores the simplification and rational ritual based on the compositional idea of detailed textures, repeated sound gestures, subtle tones, feverish pulses and acoustic hypersensitivity. Diatribes consists of Cyril Bondi (percussion and objects) and D'incise (percussion and electronics).

They have been working together since 2004, after a ravenous youth exploring from free jazz to noise, concrete music and free improvisation as well as collaborations with international musicians like Magda Mayas, Bertrand Gauguet, Robin Hayward, Dominic Lash, Partick Farmer, Derek Shirley and Hannah Marshall, Barry Guy, Keith Rowe, among others.

Cyril Bondi and d'incise are quite active in the Swiss experimental scene, directing the INSUB Meta Orchestra, an ensemble of large format, and created together INSUB. label, netlabel and the association formed since 2006 known as Insubordinations. Some of his other bands include Queixas with Abdul Moimême and subbass quartet with Derek Shirley and Dragos Tara. Cyril plays solo and with the post-jazz Plaistow Trio, and d'incise meanwhile on the format of electroacoustic works and composition as well as being a graphic designer.


Aimée Theriot: cello and loop pedal.
Alejandro Tux: computer and 2 midi controllers.


04. VALENTINA VUKSIC [ memory test ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 06

IMPORTANT: This is not a track is an explanation / is a "memory test" done by Valentina while she was explaining for the radio her work. In 2015 we will release a tape with a concert by Vuksic performed in 2014 in our series at Ex Teresa Arte Actual, in Mexico City.

Valentina Vuksic ( Munich 1974 ) is a computer artist and programmer. Currently is working at the Research Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of the Arts in Zurich and conducts research in the area of "computer signals." Vuksic works capturing the noise from machine of laptops with transducers and transforms the "runtime" of the software in acoustic signals - revealing in this way the electromagnetic traces that can be heard as "computer music" inherent in the system. The basic configuration of hardware and software helps determine if we hear the rhythms or irregular structures, spherical sounds or harsh noise. Thus, the computer manufacturer, operating system, software and user, all contribute to the creation of the composition. Valentina Vuksic has shown his work extensively in Digital and Electronic Art Festivals around Europe and Asia.



Dora Bartilotti (Mexico, 1988). Bachelor of Design and Visual Communication at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM specializing in Audiovisual and Multimedia, and develops her work in the field of audiovisual, electronic and performing art practices. She collaborates with Walking Tools with the project of geolocation HiperGeo for mobile devices. Co-founder and General Coordinator BINARY "International Festival of Arts, Design and Culture of New Media", Coordinator of editorial content in the area of "Art and Technology "in Farniente Magazine and member of transdisciplinary Mexican collective #FFFF.



Heraldos Negros is a sound project created by Sergio Sánchez in 2008, founder of Ruido Horrible Tape and CDr Label and member of Amniosis and Hilaratura Crama, among others. The conceptualization of Heraldos Negros is forged from a combination of sonic exploration elements, such as harsh noise, musique concrete elements, stolen and field recordings and acousmatic. Topical accompanying sounds of HN, try to get closer and face his audience to subversion and conflict situations, but openly and / or without explicitness. HN has performed in various states of Mexico and in some European cities. His recorded works have been published in long formats or compilation appearances and record labels splits in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and the United States


07. CACOPHONIC JOY [ excerpt ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 12

Rodrigo Ambriz aka Cacophonic Joy(1983, vocal improviser & electronics). Without doubt, one of the most talented vocal performers in Mexico. He has collaborated deeply in the experimental scene in Mexico City with noisers and improvisers from different stylistic contexts includig .RR, Los Heraldos Negros, Juanjose Rivas, Germán Bringas, Fernando Vigueras, Angélica Castelló, Arthur Henry Fork, Eduardo Meléndez, Felix Blume, Alejandro Tux, Jaap Blonk, among others. He has published in labels such as Ruido Horrible, Noxa Recs and Suplex, all in Mexico. Member of the duo of extreme improvisation and gestural composition(SIC)



Dario Bernal Villegas (Mexico 1978), drummer, composer and improviser formed in Mexico and London. Active figure in Mexican improvised music scene. He has collaborated with musicians like Wade Matthews, Eddie Prevost, Thanos Chrysakis, Wilfrido Terrazas, Sebastian Lexer, Artur M. Vidal, among others. Currently is working with the group of mexican improvisers Mexican La Generación Espontánea, the free jazz trio Rolling Eye, the band of existing and nonexistent dances Nabuzenko and with the composer Tom Corona in his group, The Coming Burguers. In October 2011 he published his first solo album "A Distant Drum" in Audition Records and with the english label Aural Terrains has recorded four albums: "Palimpsest", "instant-cascade-distant", "ENANTIO_ΔΡOMIA" and "ΠΑΡΑΛΛΑΞΙΣ / parallaxis" next to European improvisers. He is co-producer of the label Ápice, of the disc "Cátedra" Sby Generación Espontánea. Also within this label and coordinated with Ramón del Buey have published a distance collaboration with Mexican and European " musicians called "The Marvellous Transatlantic".



"I'm Insane is a solo project that is tying to reborn without being a cute perfectionism devoid of any sense of gratification for what has been lost in making a composition of sounds. I'm insane has produced on his DIY personal 'label' small format editions. Until now he has released 49 releases on CDr.



VINYL -TERROR & -HORROR is a collaboration between Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen. The project is focused on the relationship between objects and sound and is presented in different situations as installation, sculpture, composition work or as live concerts. The work - whether it is presented as an installation or a concert - uses sound to create a narrative that always directly refer to the medium playing it or the situation it is showed in. The sculptural work includes amounts of various materials where the live concert focuses exclusively on LP-records and turntables.

IMPORTANT: In 2015 we will release a tape with a concert by Vinyl Terror And Horror performed in 2014 in our series at Ex Teresa Arte Actual, in Mexico City.


11. DIATRIBES [ excerpt ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 09

Read above



Gibrana Cervantes Chavela (1989 Chilpancingo, Gro) (1989 Chilpancingo, Gro) began studying violin at the age of 9 years. From 2002 to 2007 he was a member of the Children's Orchestra of Mexico in the first violins, and presented at major concert halls in the country, touring in the United States and Spain. In 2008 started the Bachelor of violin in the Orchestra-School under the supervision of Profesor Vera Koulkova, and is a fellow of FONCA as part of the Carlos Chávez Youth Orchestra, with which it has mounted operas, ballets and recorded music by Mexican composer Eduardo Mata. It was in the second violin section of the Latin American Orchestra performing in Argentina. In 2012 won the audition first violin section of the Orquesta Filarmónica de Toluca, and has parallel experience founding the rock project Vyctoria, one of her most remarkable and active projects in recent times.


13. BALISTICOS [ excerpt ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 09

Ballistics is the science that studies the trajectory of projectiles. During the distance of time between takeoff and fall, given projectile offers observing each ballistic an unlimited deployment of the most peculiar behavior: Before falling, and after takeoff, the laws of symmetry dissipate, the aesthetics, biology, chemistry; physics, ethics and veterinary, of, well, the same ballistics. Los Balísticos, they do nothing but watch in awe, understanding little or nothing, the irremediable phenomena to which discipline they chose and which condemn them.


14. MARIA LIPKAU [ excerpt ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 07

Maria Lipkau (Paris, 1983) began studying cello at the age of seven years in the Centro Cultural Ollin Yoliztly. She coursed master classes with professors such as Stephan Popov, Richard Markson, Tanya Anisimova and Manfred Kraemer among others, and in the field of contemporary music and improvisation with Judith Mitchell, Dimos Goudarolis, Fred Frith, the Arditti Quartet and ensemble Recherche. Her interests range from early music as interpreter under historical criteria, to composers of our century. She has been soloist with the Orchestra Carlos Chavez and in the field of chamber music has played in the Chamber Orchestra of Morelos (winner of the Prize of the European Community for the Arts), the Quartet Cuauhnáhuac and Xicamiti Ensemble, among others. She peformed also at the Tenth Biennial of radio with a piece of Julio Estrada and in the editions VII and VIII of the festival of contemporary music and electronics Radar with Huey Mecatl and La Orquesta Silenciosa, respectively. In March 2012 she participated in the festival Aural, subfestival FMX, focused on new and experimental music. She has collaborated with artists such as German Bringas, Manrico Montero, Chris Cogburn, Arthur Henry Fork, Bonnie Jones, Bhob Rainey and others.


15. ITZAM CANO [ excerpt ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 10

Nowadays is one of the most active musicians of free jazz in Mexico, is part of Zero Point with Germán Bringas and and the swiss Gabriel Lauber; of D / ZAZTER ensemble with Juan Castañón, Bruno Angeloni and Gabriel Lauber); of Cosmic Brujo Mutafuka trio with Marco Eneidi and Gabriel Lauber. He also directs and writes for RaraAvis10, tentet of improvisation.


16. ALEJANDRO TUX [ excerpt ] | RUIDO A CIEGAS 08

Alejandro Tux explores the possibilities of electroacoustic sound through experimentation with algorithmic composition, microtonalism, sampling, granular synthesis, field recordings and multichannel audio.










RUIDO A CIEGAS | VOL.2 : Season 1 CCDRadio
Promotional compilation and selected material by Audition Records.

Ruido a Ciegas is an Online Radio Program curated by Julian Bonequi and produced by CCDRadio, Centro de Cultura Digital and Audition Records.
Season 1 was premiered on August 13 and concluded on November 19, 2014.

We would like to give special thanks to all the artists involved: Electric Nightingale (Aimée Theriot), Diatribes (Cyril Bondi and d'incise), Alejandro Tux, Valentina Vuksic, Dora Bartilotti, Heraldos Negros (Ruido Horrible), Cacophonic Joy (Rodrigo Ambriz), Dario Bernal, I'm Insane, Vinyl Terror and Horror (Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen), Gibrana Cervantes, Balísticos Rutilantes, Maria Lipkau and Itzam Cano.

Ruido a Ciegas is an initiative by CCDRadio and Audition Records in collaboration with Centro de Cultura Digital based in Mexico City.

CCDRadio credits | Direction & Production: Diego Aguirre & Juanpablo Avendaño. Production, live mixing & sound: Julian Bonequi. Production & streaming: Eric Flores.
Aimée Theirot, picture by Juanpablo Avendaño / CCDRadio. Design by Audition Records.

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