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Yann Leguay & Gudinni Cortina

Release date: 28.11.14
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May, the 8 2014, from Anàhuac 33 to the end of the track.


"A mexican experience printed as a 160Km/h night in a devil's car with inside speakers blowing pure noise at full volume. Going by small streets and taking backward shortcuts on the highway, roaming nowhere from Anàhuac, the number 33 was still resonating from the live done there few hours before, around an unexpected meeting on a dual-drive set-up. A face to face of 2 hard-drives mixed in the middle of the small squared room. From 0 to 7200 rpm, phasing and crossing feedbacks, pushing crackles and rhythms with a huge rumbled bass as an earthquake effect that happened that morning. This whole deep last night before leaving was a perfect synthesis of the 336 hours passed in Mexico. To meet G. Cortina by sound was a perfect pretext to fix it into this recording. "



Yann Leguay



Yann Leguay & Gudinni Cortina

YL : 7200rpm Hard Drive + arduino + mixer + controller + magnetic pickup + vinyl pickup
G.C : 7200rpm Hard Drive + extend mixing board + steel pellets + jack + contact mic + phone pickup
Recording : Felix Blume.
Recorded live at Anàhuac 33, May 8, 2014, in Mexico City.
Thanks to Eli Pinto, Mario de Vega, Carlos Prieto Acevedo, Julian Bonequi, Angel, and especially to Juan J. Garcia and Aimée Theriot.

Picture by Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros. Design by Audition Records.

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