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Release date: 15.05.14
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Many tracks are excerpts taken from concerts and live performances, or original compositions and studio sessions. If you are interested in listening the complete pieces, please contact the artists. They will appreciate your attention.





1. Solo (excerpt) at Sale Friche Festival by Antoine Läng (Geneva)

"Vocalist from Geneva, Switzerland, active performer and composer in different fields such as electroacoustic improvised music, jazz, noise and rock, sometimes using electronics and/or extended vocal techniques to enlarge the range and challenge the role of the voice, leading to explorations on many levels - from instinctive wild and organic to complex abstract and technical uses and the ways they refer to the body and physical presence. Aside from this, I am part of Insubordinations and Akouphène, two associations promoting experimental music in Switzerland."

Performance concept:
"For this solo work, I try to focus on the extraction of occurring elements in the vocal spectrum or the ones appearing accidentally that, once isolated, can be reproduced or recombined to create musical material, here working with sound textures and rhythm variations specifically related to breathing. This approach is acoustic and improvised. The sound of the voice is filtrated and driven with the only help of brass megaphones to preserve its proprieties (sound, dynamics) as an acoustic instrument, work with the specific features of the rooms where I perform and allow interactions with the environment. No stage, no amplification. The soundscape created is completed with the sound of trains passing below and the audience talking...

This recording is taken from a 30 minute solo performance for the Sale Friche Festival in Geneva on the 26th of September 2013. This festival is dedicated to art performances anarchically organized in abandoned sites around the city. The performance took place on a disaffected areal walkway – a 100 m long tunnel - over a railway nearby the station of Genève Cornavin.
The recording was made with two Neumann KM 184 microphones and with the kind assistance of d'incise. No specific work on the files have been done aside from the editing."


2. "Heute bin ich Asche", Live at Quiet Cue by Alessandra Eramo (Taranto/Berlin)

Detailed set up: voice, poetry, theremin, radio, sampler

Berlin-based sound artist, vocalist and performer Alessandra Eramo was trained in classical singing, piano and music theory since an early age. She's graduated in visual art, experimental music and performance art at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts Milan, the University Ca' Foscari Venice and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art. She presented her work in Europe, USA and Canada a.o. at: 54th Venice Biennale, Galerie Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin, Echoraum Vienna, Lyd & Litteratur Festival Aarhus, Roulette New York, Sonic Circuits Festival Washington DC. Collaborations include (selection): Gino Robair, Ingrid Schmoliner, Tomomi Adachi, Marta Zapparoli, Seiji Morimoto & Doug Van Nort.

"For my live-performances, compositions, videos and installations I investigate the human voice as a multifaceted instrument, exploring the phonetics and the physical aspects of singing and speech, this in relationship to writing, gesture and sign in their multiple forms. Through the conjunction of sound and image, my work takes on hybrid forms between sound art, poetry and visual art. I intend sound in connection to real or imaginary territories: using found and environmental sounds, I'm questioning concepts like 'identity/belonging', 'intimacy/fragility', 'unexpected/unknown', therefore the concept of noise and silence in the individual and collective experience of listening."

Live recording at Quiet Cue in Berlin, 10th September 2012
Recorded live by Alessandra Eramo: no over dubbing, no mixing, no mastering.
The piece "Heute bin ich Asche" will be included in a solo release within 2015.


3. "mt" (excerpt) by Amanda Stewart (Australia)

Amanda Stewart is an Australian poet, vocalist and composer/performer. She has created a diversity of publications, performances, film, radio and intermedia works in Australia, Europe, Japan and the US working in literature, music, sound poetry, broadcasting, theatre, dance and new media environments. She also worked full time as a producer/presenter at ABC Radio in Sydney for many years. She has collaborated with many different musicians and artists over the years, performing solo and in ensembles at over 500 festivals. Her book and CD set of selected poems and vocal works, I/T won the Anne Elder Poetry Prize at the National Literary Awards, Australia.

"Much of my work as a poet and vocalist is informed by ideas from linguistics, philosophy, psychoanalysis and science. Each piece or project is quite specific but some of my current interests concern 'cracking open' oral and textual signs to strike at the basis of our listening and reading processes, challenging how we see and hear language and musical structures and the various cultural assumptions that they embody. The voice is that unique instrument with the ability to synthesise semantic, musical, analytical and emotional structures. If we look below the surface of speech we find beginnings, residues, disjunctions, the flux of complex propositional codes that recombine at the edge of distinction (culture)."

This live performance of ' mt ' was recorded in Sydney as part of a longer solo performance at The People's Republic of Australasia series on March 20, 2013, and is a piece is for amplified, stereo voice, multi-track 'field' and modular texts.
Sound Engineer: John Bassett
'mt' has been previously published in Amanda Stewart's book and CD set, I/T: Selected Poems, published by Here and There Books and splitrec, however, this particular live performance of the work has never been published.


4. The (Foolʼs) Game (excerpt #8) by BLY (Oslo)

Detailed setup: 3 x Neumann KMS vocal microphones (1 x KMS 105, 2 x KMS 104 plus) + stereo set microphones (AKG C414 XLS).
Additional track info: The excerpt features BLY with Andrea Rydin Berge on the third voice.

"BLY comes out of the free improvisation scene in Oslo, Norway, and performs free-form sound-based vocal music in a duo constellation. Key to their artistic expression is the exploration of different textures produced solely by voice. Using everyday vocal sounds as a starting point, BLY seeks to find an electronic expression through an acoustic format. In addition to performing on a regular basis both in Norway and internationally, they have participated in interdisciplinary collaborations, creating music for poetry and video art."

"Their collaborative work includes the piece "The (Foolʼs) Game", written for BLY in 2011 by the acclaimed Norwegian composer Therese Birkelund Ulvo. "The (Fool’s) Game" was composed for three female voices; this excerpt features the Norwegian singer Andrea Rydin Berge on the third voice. Therese Birkelund Ulvo works in close collaboration with the performing artists she writes for, which attracted BLY to work with her. In this 30-minute long piece, BLY’s expression is partly kept intact, and Ulvo has made the interplay an important part of the composition. At the same time, BLY's expression is challenged: The performers are presented to a new soundscape, as well as to performing a fully composed form. The balance between the structured and the free-form is central to the piece, a key aspect to their collaboration."

BLY consists of Ingrid Romarheim Haugen and Helen Louise Solberg.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in December 2012 at Heksagone Studio, Oslo, Norway, by Jørgen Karlstrøm. Produced by Jørgen Karlstrøm and Therese Birkelund Ulvo.


5. le dernier cri & zen for ten (excerpt) by Cia Rinne (Gothenburg)

Cia Rinne (Gothenburg 1973, raised in Germany, lives in Berlin), writes minimal texts using different languages. Her poetry publications include the printed work zaroum (2001), the online-work archives zaroum (Afsnit P 2008), the book notes for soloists (OEI Editör 2009). The two books were released as Ubuweb editions, and as a single volume in France in 2011 by Le clou dans le fer. Her works have been exhibited at the ISCP in New York, at the Turku Biennial, the Grimmuseum Berlin, at Signal in Sweden, and the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn. 

In the Le dernier cri and zen for ten-sequences Cosma homophonically counts to ten and announces the “ten prohibitions”, accompanied by the rhythm of her clapping and her feet stepping the floor.

Audio/Poetry piece. This tracks belongs to Dandelion Magazine, Canada 2011. "Dandelion was a Canadian magazine publishing literature and art on the edge. Its final issues were published in 2011".


6. Hollow by Srosh Ensemble (Porto)

Srosh Ensemble is an initiative of the Educational Service of “Casa da Música” in order to create a community of musicians and artists related to experimental music and Sound Art. The Ensemble focuses its work on creating sound sculptures, unconventional instruments and sound interventions in specific areas of sound art, field recordings, acousmatic, electronic manipulation, soundscape and indeterminism.

Track without amplification, all acoustic:
-Several objects such as pipes and other objects in pvc and bamboo, various recipients in glass, metal and ceramic.
- Small items such as screws, washers, metal beads, buttons and others.
- Containers with water.
- Various unconventional musical instruments.
- 8 portable loopers, kindly provided and created by artist Sarah Roberts

"Human voice, breathy voice, healthy voice, sick voice, voice information, tender voice, voice code, mechanical voice, dry voice, singing voice, processed voice, voice guidance, voice... just voice, the physical process of expelled air from the lungs when transformed into sound. This was the starting point for the sound performance “Air” by Srosh collective ."

The present piece, “Hollow”, is taken from a recording in a large tunnel under the Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, during the creation process. The main idea was to try to use the voice in its essence, as a biological and mechanical system. The purpose was to use voice as a sound inductor and as disruptor vehicle, capable of creating multiple meanings and possibilities.

Musicians in this project: Henrique Fernandes, João Ricardo, João Martins, Gustavo Costa, Sara Gomes, Susana Chiocca, Loreto Trancoso, Sérgio Bastos, Gil Delindro, Alberto Lopes.

Recorded on October 1st, 2013 in a tunnel located in Rua da Fábrica, Pedras Rubras, Porto, Portugal, by Srosh Ensemble
Mixing by João Ricardo e Henrique Fernandes. Mastering by João Ricardo. Produced by Sonoscopia and OCP


7. Lovely Light Blue Lorette by DinahBird (United Kingdom/France)

Setup: Megaphone, 2 shotgun microphones, 1 LEM DO21 microphone, recorder.
This was recorded on the River Danube, between Linz (Austria) and Regensburg (Germany) as a part of European Sound Delta residency on September 2008, as part of project conceived with Jean-Philippe Renoult, Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann. We spent a week on a boat on the Danube researching the use of basic sonar techniques and echo location to try and to make an audio image of our surroundings. We used a very simple sonar system consisting of speakers facing out from the boat, megaphones,battery run electronic instruments, a harmonica, our voices and microphones that picked up the reflections from the shoreline and the concrete walls of the locks. As we drifted past walls, boats, walkers, fishermen, cyclists, under bridges, and trawled through the some of the largest locks in Europe, the reflected sound created an audible map of the ongoing journey. The text in Lovelylightbluelorette is a collage of some ‘automatic thoughts’, my observations of our journey, vocalised and broadcast via a megaphone, and more intimate moments recorded late at night in my cabin.

DinahBird is a radio artist. She makes radio programmes, audio publications, installations, and soundtracks. Recent commissions include Dakar Morning Birds, a radio installation that transposed the dawn chorus of the Senegalese capital to an inner city garden in Northern Paris and East Berlin, and Topographies Nocturnes, a radio art project for which she won the prestigious Prix Luc Ferrari. Works have been played on BBCR4, France Culture's Atelier de Création Radiophonique, Resonance FM, Kunst Radio, through the Radia network and has been presented at radio festivals in France, England, Germany and the US. She is presently employed by the Museum of Modern Art, Paris to develop a programme of sound workshops in correlation to their permanent and temporary collections.

Recorded and edited by DinahBird. Mastered by Jean-Philippe Renoult as a part of European Sound Delta residency produced by the Collectif Mu


8. A la carga by Agustin Genoud (Buenos Aires)

Voice Solo improvisation + 2 mics

"I perform my own compositions for solo voice and voice & live electronics since 2007 and I'm now recording my first solo voice album. I use voice as a medium to envelope forces that inhabit me and that I elapse. I think the voice as a channeler of psychosocial and spiritual symptoms; as well as a creator and reformulator of them. I consider the voice as a practice, experience and experimentation and sound like a force of knowledge and strength. My work is collaborative and intimate at the same time.
I've been heard at LPEP, CETC-Teatro Colón, Centro Cultural Recoleta-LIPM, Domus Artis, Fondo Nacional de las Artes e IMPA between many other places. I was a member of "buenisssimo" collective between 2007-2011 working on sound performance, instalation and movies. Vocalist of Calato (now recording our 2nd album ) and the "Buenos Aires Improvisers Orchestra". I also work with many improvisers and composers of Argentina and Latin America and being performing with Pauli Cotton since 2012 for site-specific live audiovisual performances."

Recorded at Apu Studio, on August 10, 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


9. 26062012#1 by SUTT (Denmark/Turkey)

SUTT is a duo by Sofie Trolde (Vox, Sampler) and Utku Tavil (Drums, Computer) founded in Berlin in June 2012. Since then SUTT played in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Japan, self released a sample tape (Samples) and an EP (26062012), had another release (Hymne Til Hjemmet - ODG011 - ) on OFF-Record Label (BE) and is due to have another release on Sincope Records (IT) in February 2014

"This mindblowing Berlin-based unit pits the rhythmic and multitextured vocal work of Sofie Trolde (Denmark) against the deftly kinetic drumming of Utku Tavil (Turkey) for a mercurial and massively accomplished collaboration. Working some judicious electronic processing into their careening live sets, they move from dark and fragmented sound explorations into lurching subterranean rumblings punctuated by yelps, shrieks and some breathtaking leather-lunged vocal delivery. For fans of combustible, spine-tingling improvisation, SUTT is pure deviant listening pleasure." - Cal Lyall / Test Tone Event Series Tokyo,JP

Setup: Voice and drums are wired to a computer running Ableton Live + Max for Live via contact mics that are used to trigger audio clips of voice that is sampled and chopped real time. Roland SP-404 Sampler for further voice and drum samples...

"Voice and percussions have been the oldest instruments of mankind that has been used for musical purposes. The duo tries to explore the far out limits of these two instruments and their relationship through the use of live and pre-recorded samples of drums and voice. Archaic and violent aspects of these two instruments are well respected and often used in SUTT's music."

Recorded and mixed at Multiversal Studio/Brain Pussyfication HQ in Berlin by SUTT. No mastering.


10. Kedo Kedo by ZOO (Indonesia)

This is the first of four promo tracks we included in the present double compilation of VOIX BRUTES.
ZOO is an amazing extreme band from Jakarta.

And this track was originally released at YES NO WAVE MUSIC, and taken from Prasasti album.

ZOO members: Dimas Budi Satya (bedhug, drums), Bhakti Prasetyo (bass, ukelele, mandolin), Rully Shabara (vocals, synths, jembe), Ramberto Agozalie (drums).

Rully Shabara: "Zoo was set up around 2004 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Most people, including you, would often categorize us as an experimental rock band since there is no exact term to perfectly fit for our music. I am the singer and occasionally play the jembe and synthesizer. I am also the singer in Senyawa. Bhakti Prasetyo plays bass guitar, and most of the time treats his sounds to resemble many other instruments, particularly electric guitar. We have two drummers with different styles; Ramberto Agozalie, who is also the drummer for Jogjakarta’s finest metal band Cranial Incisored, plays more upbeat and technical beats, while Dimas Budi Satya would be more rhythmic and straightforward. Recently, Dimas handles the background percussions to broaden the range of our rhythm section."

If you want more go to [ar09] ZOO | YOGYAKARTA EXPERIMENTAL NOISE ROCK


11. Fucked Primadonna by Jealousy Party (Florence)

JP members are: Roberta WJM (mix, cd players, mics), Mat Pogo (mix, vocal, cd players) and Edoardo Ricci (alto and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, trombon).
Fucked Primadonna is a composition by Mat Pogo for Jealousy Party, taken from "All Yours", an album produced by Jealousy Party/Audition Records with previously unissued material On december 2, 2013, and approved by Burp Enterprise collective.

Jealousy Party is an abstract r&b band founded in Florence, Italy, blending noise with free funk and idiosyncratic electronic collages in a personal way they call punca. Active since 1995 they built a personal and recognizable style even keeping their personnel constantly open to variations and flexible for specific explorations.

"JEALOUSY PARTY started his activities in Florence in 1995. Founded by WJ Meatball on percussions and tapes and myself (Mat Pogo) on vocal duty, soon joined by Edoardo Ricci playing wind instruments... Collective situations, open air demonstrations, house occupations, dinners, breakfasts, parties, with a predilection for self organized realities. In the context we were, the fact that we weren't considered very musical, opened up for action and performing. For a while we worked with this kind of emotional improvisational spontaneous rocknroll thing with collages. It happily embraced a lo fi aesthetic for several different reasons."

Here is the link to enjoy the full album including a deep interview by JP: [ar091] JEALOUSY PARTY | ALL YOURS


12. dv by Jörg Piringer (Austria)

Born 1974. Currently living in Vienna, Austria. Member of the Institute for Transacoustic Research. Member of the Vegetable Orchestra. Master Degree in Computer Science. Works as a freelance artist and researcher in the fields of electronic music, radio art, sound and visual electronic poetry, interactive collaborative systems, online communities, live performance, sound installation, computer games and video art.

The track only consist of live voice and voice samples of my voice, performed on samplers and effect devices.
Recorded in Vienna at University for Applied Arts at the presentation of Huellkurven2 on january 23, 2014.


13. sprr K sss by Thomas Havlik (Austria)

Recorded on January 23, 2014 during the "Huellkurven Soundpoetry Saloon at the University of Apllied Arts, Vienna".
Using laptop, ableton launchpad, voice-processing, letter-sampeling, performance; combining voice live-processing with prepared micropieces of letters, alphabetic strings, phonemes and text snippets. creating languages of the subconsciousness - and destroying them.

Born 1978, in Scheibbs, Lower Austria, currently living and working in Vienna. Autor, soundpoet, performance – and radioworks. Releases in literature magazines and on radio. Co-editor of the online magazin “”, which is dedicated to sound poetry, poésie sonore, lautpoesie, noise poetry, sound-text composition, auditive poesie, etc. "Start Stipendium für Literatur", 2011, BMUK; Residency Renkum/Netherlands, 2012; Winner of the Ö1-contest for lyrik “Hautnah” 2013.


14. Tanah by Senyawa (Indonesia)

Rully: "Most of the songs are written in Bahasa Indonesia but there are few songs where I sing in Javanese language. And many times I don't even sing in any language, just random voice sounds when I feel that language could actually be limiting."

Wukir: "Wukir: The instrument is called Bambuwukir, it constitutes string and percussive characters, all in one instrument. The percussive organology resembles traditional instruments like Celempung or Lakado, and with the right amplification it can produce drum like sounds, and the strings could sound like siter, rebab, or kecapi..."

"Wukir Suryadi, born in Malang, East Java December 1977, joined art community since 12 years old, and since then actively learned and worked as music illustrator for theater, poetry, and short stories. In order to do the job, I kept experimenting, from seeking the source of sounds to create that source of sounds. Now, I am involved in experimental music scene, perform in concerts or represent my music and my instruments anywhere I could. I learned about art and life from Bengel Teater Rendra, and I learned a lot from the late composer I Wayan Sadra."

Rully Shabara: "I am responsible for all texts and I do all the singing and any exploration of human voice in Senyawa. I am also the singer in Zoo. But here, vocal portion is huge and I have to treat it not just as an instrument but also an instrument that should be able to match Wukir’s versatile instruments."

This track was originally released in the first release of Senyawa at YES NO WAVE Indonesia in 2010.
The promotional album with Senyawa music is absolutely delicious: [ar089] SENYAWA | RULLY SHABARA & WUKIR SURYADI | INDONESIA 2010-2013


15. Tout le Brise by Viviane Houle & Stefan Smulovtiz (Canada)

"A direct feed of the voice is combined with the playback and manipulation of prerecorded sounds and live samples of the voice using a software program called Kenaxis created by Stefan Smulovitz. Manipulations include pitch shifting, granulation, spectral time stretching and delays".

Viviane Houle is a vocalist, improviser and songwriter who has an uncanny ability to mix musical styles as diverse as opera and avant-garde improvisation.  In the opera house and concert hall she has performed with Vancouver Opera, Standing Wave Ensemble, and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. In the jazz world, she regularly collaborates with the lions of today's improv scene, including musicians such as Jesse Zubot, Didier Petit, Jaap Blonk, Ron Samworth, Sylvain Kassap, Peggy Lee, Rene Lussier and Coat Cooke.

Stefan Smulovitz is a highly accomplished musician (viola & laptop) and an award-winning composer. As a software developer he created Kenaxis, a major innovation in the use of the computer as a real-time instrument. His virtuosic command of Kenaxis has resulted in an international reputation for Smulovitz, who regularly performs with the world’s leading improvisers and composes for ensembles ranging from orchestras to string quartets to solo instruments with electronics. His latest projects include the Mad Scientist Machine and the premier of his score for the Passion of Joan of Arc at the 2010 PuSH festival.

Tout le Brise (live improvised concert) was recorded at Harvestworks, New York, USA, August 7, 2007. Recording and mastering by Stefan Smulovitz.


16. Live at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan/Melbourne)

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang is a Taiwanese sound artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. She has performed in Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain. She has published with labels including Syrphe, Antifrost, Trente Oiseaux, Subrosa, Kwanyin, Ecosono, Mind Twisting and Public Eyesore Records.

Alice has been involved in art residencies in Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Portugal and UK. She collaborates with artists from different mediums in various site-specific contexts. Her regular sound collaborators include Nigel Brown, Rosalind Hall, Sam Pettigrew, Dale Gorfinkel, Ben Byrne, David Palliser, Geoff Robinson, and Piotr Tkacz.

Since 2003, sound artist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang’s work focuses solely on developing extended vocal technique in improvisation. Her vocal explorations include sound from varying tension of physical vocal parts, driving air into alternative passages and vibration of calls and breath.

In performance, Alice is interested in provoking the intimacy of audience and performer engagement. Furthermore, she challenges the boundary of a presentation site physically and imaginatively, viewing each performance as a site-specific response. Since 2006, Alice has been running irregular vocal group workshops to share her passion in experimental vocal improvisation. She has also run audiences participative group vocal performances.

Recorded at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, as part of Vocal Folds exhibition on June 27, 2013, Melbourne, Australia.


17. Hack The Barbican, by Irris Garrelfs (London)

Setup: processed voice with Max/MSP juxtaposing abstraction, change with repetition, static and moving space.

Iris Garrelfs is a London based soundartist and composer “generating animated dialogues between innate human expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing” as the Wire magazine put it. Others have compared her musical output to Philip Glass, Joan La Barbara and Henri Chopin. Iris looks at interrelatedness and interaction through performances, mixed media projects, and recordings, her solo work has been featured in exhibitions and festivals internationally including Royal Academy Of Arts, Gaudeamus Live Electronics Festival, International Computer Music Conference and many more. She is currently an AHRC PhD research fellow at LCC in London where she also teaches on the BA Sound Art.

Live at "Hack The Barbican" event curated by Blanca Regina, The Music Hackspace on August 2013


18. Ler dla campane by NuN (France)

Improvisation. Three voices reading Ler dla canpane, taken from Plu kifekler mouinkon nivoua, of Jean Dubuffet, 1950.
Recorded in Ramdam, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon by Simon Dijoud and mixed by Herve Barrioz, on July 11, 2013.

"In 2006 was born NuN, of the meeting of Anne Laure Pigache, Corinne Pontier, Julie Zglinski, vocal improvisers, Nadine Barbançon, photographer, and Isabelle Üski, dancer. In 2013, Carolina Zviebel adds to the vocal cords of Corinne Pontier and Julie Zglinski her violin, her elastic strap and her voice."

"NuN is a group balancing between sound poetry and improvised music. Intuition-driven, they experiment their voices in music made of sounds, high amplitudes, vocal games, waves, words and images. Echos, shocks, overlaps, repetitions, these musical structures compose an audible substance with perpetually redefined balance of openness and tensions."


19. Rats of Nihm by Viviane Houle & Stefan Smulovtiz (Canada)

"A direct feed of the voice is combined with the playback and manipulation of prerecorded sounds and live samples of the voice using a software program called Kenaxis created by Stefan Smulovitz. Manipulations include pitch shifting, granulation, spectral time stretching and delays".

Rats of Nihm (live improvised concert) was recorded at InSite Concert Series, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC, Canada, on April 20, 2006. Recording and mastering by Stefan Smulovitz.





[ar092] VOIX BRUTES Vol.I




Promotional compilation produced by Audition Records & Julian Bonequi.

Special thanks to Antoine Läng, Alessandra Eramo, Amanda Stewart, BLY: Ingrid Romarheim Haugen & Helen Louise Solberg, Cia Rinne, Srosh Ensemble: Henrique Fernandes, João Ricardo, João Martins, Gustavo Costa, Sara Gomes, Susana Chiocca, Loreto Trancoso, Sérgio Bastos, Gil Delindro & Alberto Lopes, DinahBird, Agustin Genoud, SUTT: Sofie Trolde & Utku Tavil, ZOO: Rully Shabara, Dimas Budi Satya, Bhakti Prasetyo & Ramberto Agozalie, Jealousy Party: Mat Pogo, Roberta WJM & Edoardo Ricci, Jörg Piringer, Thomas Havlik, Senyawa: Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi, NuN: Corinne Pontier, Julie Zglinski & Carolina Zviebel, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Iris Garrelfs, Viviane Houle & Stefan Smulovtiz.

We would also like to thank to Sale Friche Festival (Geneva), Quiet Cue (Berlin), The People's Republic of Australasia (Sidney), Heksagone Studio (Oslo), Sonoscopia Associação Cultural & Operador de Cabine Polivalente (Porto), European Sound Delta (Linz/Regensburg), Apu Studio (Buenos Aires), Multiversal Studio/Brain Pussyfication (Berlin), Burp Enterprise (Firenze), Huellkurven Soundpoetry Saloon & the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Yes No Wave Music (Indonesia), Ramdam (Lyon), Gertrude Contemporary Art Space (Melbourne), The Music Hackspace (London), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) & Harvestworks (New York).

NuN, picture shared by Julie Zglinski. Design by Audition Records

Contact: info[at]