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BEYOND THE PYRAMID 2005-2013 Vol.3

Release date: 22.07.13
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Translations* and texts edited by Bonequi. First version


1. Voces abiertas, Live at MUAC [excerpt] by Indira Pensado & Juan Pablo Villa

Concert series: "Articulaciones del silencio" [track: "Voces abiertas"], organized by Desbordamientos,
Indira Pensado and Juan Pablo Villa - voices
Recorded in February 2013 in the auditorium Index, MUAC-UNAM [University Museum of Contemporary Art]
Recording console: Mauricio Cueva
Live recording, mixed, and curated by Fernando Vigueras
Design and production: MUAC-UNAM, in collaboration with the "Centro Cultural España" in Mexico.

Indira Pensado and Juan Pablo Villa share similar concerns about the use of his instrument. One of the translation axes of this joint project, includes voice as a multi-dimensional organism and sonor geographies, an open space from which to explore forms and intricate dialogs through intuition and resonance elements revealing a common origin,   nearest and conformed by murmurs, gurgles and guttural mazes... all under an extended language without center.

"Articulaciones del silencio" is a serie of concerts, lectures, workshops and panel of discussions about improvised music, which seeks to spread   and reflect on the various forms and creative processes that occur around the work that artists from different fields and contexts of sound.

About the curator:
Fernando Vigueras (Mexico, DF 1981). Guitarist, improviser and performer specialized in experimental sound practices. Collaborates with artists from diverse backgrounds. Currently coordinates the Workshop of Free Improvisation and Sonor Experimentation, also known as "Tracto", an ensemble of improvisation and experimental music, at UVA [Artistic Liaison Unit], in Tlatelolco. Currently enjoys the grant "Jovenes Creadores" of FONCA [National Fund for Culture and the Arts] 2012/2013


2. Silences by Tracto Ensamble, Workshop of Free Improvisation and Sonor Experimentation

Current members of the workshop: Uryan Lozano: Cymbals, sonor objects and bows
Sergio A. Moreno: cello
Diana Olalde: Xil—phone, sonor objects
Nabor Alvarado: Quartz Bowl,sonor objects
Sergio López (Rugo Rojo): circuits,sonor objects
Jazmín Gallardo: Objects and cord-phone
Rolando Hernández: Voice, guitar and objects [he doesn't appear in the recording.] Fernando Vigueras: Coordinator

Recorded and mixed by Fernando Vigueras in June 2013 at the UVA-CCU "Centro de Vinculación Artística/Centro Cultural Universitario", Tlatelolco, UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

The 'Free Improvisation & Sound Experimentation Workshop of UVA, the Artistic Liaison Unit, also known as 'Tracto, ensemble of free improv and & sound experimentation', is the result of collective work generated for nearly two years by different artists and people interested in general, in creating and sharing a space from which to reflect on the sound, improvisation and listening as overt forms of knowledge.
Beyond the common space that gave rise to the workshop, the students and members placed their creative process as a constant workflow that extends beyond any classroom, school or institution.


3. Images [excerpt] by Aimée Theriot

Aimée Theriot, cello. Composed on 2008.
Recorded on June 22, 2013. Premastered by Julian Bonequi

Aimée Theriot (Mérida, Yuc. 1987). Composer/performer working mainly on free improvisation. Co-founder of No.Estación.Arte, a non profit organization that promotes creative music concerts and workshops in Yucatán. Aimée is the second half of the free improvisation duet The Solo Band with Juan García (Liminar Ensamble).


4. Live at MUAC [excerpt] by Huixtralizer,

MUAC [ Universitary Museum of Contemporary Art ] Presentation: La Función de Repulsa y Huixtralizer (Live) August 27, 2011. Curated by Israel Martinez (Ciclo Sonora / IndexMuac)

José Soberanes (Tula Hidalgo, Mexico, 1983). Composer of electronic music since 2007 inspired by natural & social experiences. Huixtralizer is his main project that incorporates music and existential passages showing its distinctive personality. He experiences with open source software and analog instruments and has also assembled a collection of recycled sound samples, which he calls ... "intimate mode". On his own words: "Listen, absorb and savor the sound. Any other aspect of art will not reward you with many aesthetic impressions. Dive deep and when you join up to the sound of your life, eventually everything will make sense."


5. 835 by Arthur Henry Fork

Processed electric guitar. Recorded on may-june 2013, home recording, Mexico City.

Avant-garde composer, guitarist, new media artist and designer working with the exploration of sound on the guitar, improvisation and open-source programming. Has also worked many years with couture and design, working on multimedia installations that fuse his sound composition and design work to create sound-couture-art pieces that merge the plasticity of fabrics with intermedia applications. His work has been shown at locations and festivals internationally.


6. The Dust [excerpt] by WORDS

Aldo Sánchez: Bass. Under a direct box to amp.
Ivan "Chapu" Luna: Drums
Mark Hassan: Guitar / Voice. Several pedals to amplifier

Recorded on September 2011, at T-VOX RECS.
Recording and mixing: Julian Pérez and Enriqueeviac Casasola
Mix and master: Gabriel López
Associate labels: Kiddieriot Records, Los Grises.

From a sound based on the Sludge, Crust derivatives and other side subgenera section of punk and metal, the trio WORDS starts in 2010 combining their compositions without following conventional patterns with moments of repetitions and raw textures. In November 2011 they released their first EP of 7 songs in 75 copies of numbered cassette.


7. Resurgent Creatura [excerpt] by Terror Cósmico

Javier Alejandre & Nicolas Silveira. Guitar ( two amplifiers, one for bass and one guitar) and drums.
Recorded at home studio in "El Centinela", Coyoacán, on March 9, 2012.
Sound Engineer: Marco Paul Silva
Associate labels and collectives: Dark Anarchy Records, Los Grises.

Duo metal-punk instrumental born in 2012 in Mexico City. The band has a completely live EP recorded and currently is working on their first LP. They have performed in Forum Alicia, Tianguis del Chopo, Bucareli Forum 39, Kaifanes, Rock and Mezcal, El Imperial, Vault, etc....


8. Unaltered Rock by Stalaktos

Carlos Fierro, electric bass
Marco Fierro, synthesizers and dynamic phrase synthesizer
setup: Electric Bass, 5 Distortion Pedals, 1 Compressor, 1 Equalizer, 3 Analog Synthesizers , 2 Digital Synthesizers and 2 amps 800 8 x 10 watts each.
Recorded by Daniel Goldaracena on April 13, 2012 at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City

Stalaktos creates multiphonics soundscapes in the tradition of free improvisation. His music evokes spontaneous electromagnetic pulses, immersive and subsonics emerging from the depths of the earth.
Stalaktos has seven albums, three on his own label, Stalaktos Proto ™, two in the German digital label Surrism-Phonoethics, one on the Mexican label Abolipop Records-Suplex and one in the Mexican digital netlabel AMP-Recs. They have also participated in eleven far compilations in United States, England, Germany and Mexico with great artists like Oren Ambarchi, Fred Frith, Bob Ostertag, Phil Minton, Vultures Quartet, GX Jupitter-Larsen, among others.


9. Cut-up by Monogatari

Iván. Bass | Pato. Guitar | VII. Voice and kaoss | Antonio. Drums
Recorded by Daniel Goldaracena [Papagayo Estudios] on May 16, 2013 at "Lunario del Auditorio Nacional", Festival Aural, Mexico City,

"Monogatari started playing five years ago with the intention of achieving a sound influenced by the noise mixed with harsh, hardcore and grind. The proposal is to create sound pieces from deconstructing songs with basic structures, combining them with moments of improvisation. Throughout this time we have played in several spaces dedicated to experimental music and noise as ExTeresa Arte Actual, as well as festivals like Volta and Aural [sharig stage with Boris]... Monogatari appears edited by Indian Gold Records, and currently is finishing the recording with new material due out shortly.


10. Tuk tuk [excerpt] by Tragafuegos

Vania Ramírez: Hedgehog
Lucitzel Pedrozo: drums, samples
Amira Baltézar: Saxophone. Recorded on December 2012.

Tragafuegos emerges in late 2012 in southern Mexico City. Its nature is totally visceral: strident shocks of metal and beats on drums, the rhythm of music boxes, the deaf sounds of trumpets and saxophones, emulsion of noises and multiple sonorities.
Amira Baltézar Rezc was the vocalist of the pop band Sub division... after leaving the rock-pop scene, she began playing found objects, instruments and any surface to produce sound. Free improvisation, musique concrete, noise walls and repetitions are some of the highlights in her current projects: Los Inconscientes with Amed Baltézar and previously played in Hilaratura Crama, collaborating with Sergio Sánchez [Los Heraldos Negros and curator of Ruido Horrible], Rodrigo Ambriz [Cacophonic Joy], Amed Baltézar, Asael Ramírez [Balísticos Rutilantes] and Vania Soriano.


11. Dunkelheit Vomit by Rodrigo Ambriz

Rodrigo Ambriz Mondragón - Vocals, Electronics, Tape Loops.
Recorded in Tepoztlán, Morelos on May 2013.

Cacophonic Joy, is the main project of Rodrigo Ambriz and was created in 2012. Rodrigo Ambriz, vocal improviser who buildS cathartic pieces using extended vocal techniques, glossolalia and cry as 'materia', he makes use of tape manipulation, feedback, sampling and looping. He has performed in concert series as "El Historial" at MUJAM [Museum of the Antique Toy], VOLTA-"Museo Británico Americano", "Terapia Auricular" #3 in "la Casa Suspendida", Guadalajara and Under-S sessions.

In BINARIO Festival of Art, Design and New Media Culture beside Juanjosé Rivas and Los Heraldos Negros, in FUTURISTA noise session for the 100th Anniversary of Futurist Manifesto in MUJAM and at MGTR II (Co-organised by Audition Records and Monogatari) to mention a few...

Selected Discography: Cacophonic Joy + The Black Heralds. Cassette. (Ruido Horrible 010) / Thirdorgan-cacophonic Joy split CDr (Ruido Horrible 088).


12. Antes de la colmena by Balísticos Rutilantes

Ximena Martínez Robles y Asael Ramírez Soriano 
Setup & instruments: amplified objects, electric guitar and pedals: delays, loop, distortion.
Home recording, March 2013, Mexico City, Tlalpan. Associate labels: Ruido Horrible and A.M.P Recs

The project started without prior speech and almost by accident in June 2012. The public appearances of Balísticos Rutilantes have been rare: Sonor Assistance with Rodrigo Ambriz (Cacophonic Joy) in a performance of César Granados; La Máquina Humana, organized by Ruido Horrible and Audition Records; and a concert alternating activity with the exhibition "Evidencia del Gesto", by artist Miriam Puente held in the School of Higher Studies Cuautitlán. Published works "Trompo ma non Troppo" at AMP Recs, and recently on july 2013 they released an EP under the catalog of NOXA RECS(Perú)...
None of its members have studied music or ballistics.


13. Manantiales [excerpt] by Alejandro Tux

"I have made studies on sound art, philosophy and sociology of music, phonography and soundscape, multichannel audio and programming of digital audio with Supercollider. My work focuses on the exploration of profound listening experience through techniques as algorithmic composition, microtonalism, sampling, granular synthesis, multichannel audio and field recordings."

This improvisation was recorded in an open place at the foot of the mountain in Tepoztlan, the setup consists of MOTU traveler audio interface + laptop + RADIUM Midi controller and the sound was reproduced by a pair of monitors Mackie SRM450 while playing, positioned as stage monitors and recorded environmentally with a Zoom H4n on June 7, 2013 at Maniantales # 2, Tepoztlan, Morelos, by Victor Navarro. Premastered by Julian Bonequi


14. Clear [excerpt] by Carlos Chinchillas

Carlos Chinchillas (CHNCHLLS), currently dedicated to sound art, to construction of musical instruments and tuning of pianos. He has a collection of electronic and electroacoustic music of his authorship documented since 2001, this one with a direction toward experimentation and sound art.

He has participated in concerts of electronic music and experimental since 2003 and worked in theater, dance and performance...
His setup: laptop, contact microphones & circuit bending.
Recorded by Chinchillas in Querétaro and ended in Mexico City between 2010 and 2011

This track was published in 2012 as part of the EP "The simple masses", in the netlabel in Guadalajara.


15. Tear powered flying machine by The 39 Steps

Band formed in 2005, by former members of Empty Nights Drowning On Revenge (ENDOR) and Souls In Grief.
This project is considered as one of the culprits in the foundation of the current post-metal scene in Mexico.
"A Fake Smile Is The Devil's Playground Ep", which came to light in 2007, was the only material recorded by the band.

Members in the Recording:
Lily - Screams (E.N.D.O.R.)
Pope - Screams (Souls In Grief, Weedsnake)
Chente - Guitar
Lios - Guitar (E.N.D.O.R.)
Arturo - bass (E.N.D.O.R.)
Pachiclon - Drums (E.N.D.O.R.)

Following members:
Alex - Guitar (Souls In Grief, Nazareno el Violento)
Zuriel - Screams (Nazareno el Violento)
Pope - Drums (Souls In Grief, Weedsnake)
Santiago - Cries

Material recorded in 2005 under DIY ethics with a PC, and a few microphones in a rehearsal room in Mexico City. Produced by the band members. Engineer: Pope.


16. Freedoom [excerpt] by Weedsnake

Band formed in 2011, originally from Mexico City, with members and former members of SOULS IN GRIEF, THE 39 STEPS, DURAN-GO, NAZARENO EL VIOLENTO, APOCALIPSIS, DELTA BLOCK (Texas) and THE RED NOSE, lot of them... musicians with more than 10 years of works in the national underground scene.
Rockers - Vox
Etziel - Guitar
Pope - Bass
Vainillo - Drums

Studio Session. This recording was done in August 2012 completely live with the entire band playing at the same time in Testa Studio, no editing tricks or overdubs; tape with a 100% analog format. Studio Engineer: Testa Kb.


17. Unheard Replies by Bonebraker

Members: Christopher Ríos - Vocals, Arturo León - Guitar, Sergio Picos - Drums, David Alvarado - Bass, Jose Manríquez - Guitar

Bonebreaker is a band formed in 2009 and from Tijuana, Baja California. Its style and energy remind us direct and raw hardcore punk bands like Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys. After some years of inactivity and now with Christopher Ríos on vocals, the band return in 2012 with the album "I once was, I no longer am" reflecting a marked intensity in both music and lyrics.

Recorded and mixed by Arturo León in Signature Sound Studios and Shady Elm Studios in September 2012, San Diego, California.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.
Lyrics by Christopher Ríos. Music by Bonebreaker. Art by Sergio Picos.
Manufactured and distributed by Negligent Records and Knowledge Records.


18. Live at EL Historial [excerpt] by Inbreed From Noah

Iker Grandío (guitar and vocals) and Alec Grandío (drums). Inbreed From Noah born in 2009... "through many studio albums with lot of postproduction we started in search of a heavy original sound no matter styles or sounds come to our minds. After several years we decided to do something we could perform live 'such and how' will the upcoming albums...

Albums: Space / Time Atrophy (2009), Few BoX Stool Pea (2010), Un (2013) Recorded in February 2013 at a "Obra Negra". Original sound source optimized and premastered by Julian Bonequi.


19. 130423 [excerpt] by Futurología

Paulina Pérez-Santaella, Irinea Pérez-Santaella, Alicia Medina, Israel Rosas y Diego Madero.
Futurología is a collective of visual experimentation, created in 2007 in Mexico City, who makes use of resources such as synthesizers, effects & processors, acoustic and electric instruments, circuit-bent instruments, free software, radios, poetry, samplers and toys... to create environments and sonic textures ranging from IDM and post-rock to the noise and drone walls; always wrapped in an atmosphere of visual effects produced by the play of light, smoke, manipulation of video, animations, intervened television, live-coding, bombardment with images and incorporating costumes and masks.

Setup and instruments:
Amplified violin, electric bass, electric guitar and processed with delays, distortion, reverb, wahwah, looper, fuzz, tremolo, LFO's ...
Korg Drum Machine
Roland Drum Machine
Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer *
Textile Digital Synthesizer *
Beringher Xenyx Mixing Console
Stereo recording M-Audio interface PC Asus with GNU/Linux KXStudio via Ardour (+ Auto Limiter pre-fader)

Recorded on April 2013 , Mexico DF.* = manufactured electronic instruments.


20. Ways to walk into a mirror [excerpt] by Josue W. Amador

Composer and improviser born in Puebla, Mexico. He holds the degrees of Associated Musician and LTCL with Honours awarded by the Trinity College of Music of London and MMus by the Conservatoire of Rotterdam.
As a composer, his music has been played in Europe and in America by ensembles such as Asko Shoenberg, Doelen Ensemble, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, among others.
As an instrumentalist has performed at festivals and forums in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Mexico with musicians such as Han Bennink, Richard Barrett, Willem Tanke, T-PAK, Sonology Eloctroacoustic Ensemble, to name a few.
Currently lives in the Netherlands where he works as a composer and independent improviser.

The recording is a study but done in one take, with no post-production overdubs, and it was recorded as it sounds.
Setup: Electric Guitar 3/4 hollow body. Boss Volume pedal, Line 6 DL4, violin bow, 2 forks and metal slide.
Recorded at Rotterdam Conservatory. Rotterdam, NL. July-5-2012
Sound engineer: Peter Arts, Arts Music Recording.


21. Cornichon, Live at Prague [excerpt] by Lechones Sangrientos

Lechones Sangrientos [2008] aka Pablo Nieto Mercado, sound and media artist, has studied electronics and communications engineering. Since 2005 is dedicated to music production and sound design and has developed apps and interactive pieces for CONACULTA (National Council for Culture and the Arts, MX), Nike and others. His sound work has been published in netlabels as Torn Flesh Records, SuRRismPhonoethics, plasticrane, intox noise, and Wakushoppu. He has performed in Mexico at Exteresa Arte Actual, Medusa Gallery, MUJAM (Antique Toy Museum of Mexico), and in Italy at Forte Fanfulla, among others...

Setup: Electibe ES-1, Minimoog VST, Korg nanoKontrol, Tenorion, Edirol M-100x, Bell & Howell Microphone, Pure Data, Guitar Rig
Recorded on April 2, 2013 at Praga , Cafe V lese, The Tunnel
Special thanks to Tomáš Procházka and Wakushoppu A platform for free improv & audiovisual projects


22. Live at Volta [excerpt] by Leslie García

Live Session at VOLTA on April 7, 2011, Mexico City.
Tools: PD slicer, Ubersonic and Granular Synthesis.
Samples of 3 to 4 seconds obtained from environmental recordings from the historical center of Mexico City

VOLTA is an "Improvised Music and Sonic Experimentation" Sessions curated by Juanjosé Rivas. curated by Juanjosé Rivas. It counts with 19 editions from April 2011 to december 2012, and on the 1st of August is announced the return of one - in our thoughts - of the best experimental series which the "noisy" audience of Mexico City has enjoyed in the last years.

Leslie García works developing projects of electronic art and digital media. Her work explores the fusion process between art  and technology using techniques such as the production of virtual tools, electronic prototyping, audio production, design of pieces and generative visual codes. She is co-founder of the electronic collective DreamAddictive.

Her work has been part of festivals and group and solo exhibitions in partnership with: Media Lab Prado, Reina Sofia Art Museum, Eyebeam, O1SJ, Museum of Latin American Arts, Piksel Festival, Ars Electronica, Centro Cultural España, Public Art Lab Berlin, NOMAD Center for Media research, Museum of Contemporary Art in Szczecin among others. She was a fellow of FONCA - "Jóvenes Creadores" specializing in Multimedia from 2009 to 2010. Currently is Fellow of the Program to support research and production   in art and media CENART [National Center for Culture and the Arts]- "Centro Multimedia" in Mexico.


23. S&H [excerpt] by Javier Lara

Musician and sound artist working as soloist since 2002 and primarily with synthesis and signal processing in realtime, live looping resources and free improvisation. His processes involve the use of tools as digital synthesizers, analog and modular, hacked effects processors or custom. The improvisational nature of his live work comes from the importance of creating patches and signal routing during the performance. His speech is based on the redefinition of the sound source, in recreating the composition process from signal processing, and in the inseparable relationship of the concepts of composition and improvisation.


"S & H" uses a synthesizer Moog Little Phatty and voltage controller CP-251 of Moog.
  Improvisation includes signal processing through delay effects, analog phaser and ring modulator.
  Home studio recording in April 2012, at Copilco, Mexico City.
The track has no editing, mixing or mastering. The release came under the label triplet-media.


24. Humocide 2 by Tron

Tron aka Alejandro Tonella Gonzalez born in Mexicali Baja California in northern Mexico. A city where he received basic and upper secondary education. Since an early age felt a passion for music under the influence of the local music scene of the 80s in Mexicali, and stimulated by a guitar at the age of 10 years received his first musical training in classical guitar by the hands of the teacher and mexican concertino Angel Zavala. It is during this period that takes the initiative to create different groups with young people from Mexicali who rarely performed, and it was not until 1998 when the death metal band "IMOHTEP" when he started performing live and achieved some attention in the north and center area of the country with this metal band.

Driven by a sense of musical rediscovery ventures into instruments such as bass, percussion, keyboard and various electronic media through sound creation software. In 2003 he decides to leave the group and start his personal projects, founding the band pf Electric Punk LIPSTICK TERROR; again this band (in his own words) achieved some success throughout Mexico and the southern United States. In 2006, looking for their own sound, decided to form a new project called MANIQUI LAZER, which to date is still considered one of the pioneering bands of the genre known as LAZER PUNK, making tours throughout the interior of the Republic and the southern United States. In parallel during this time, Alejandro Tonella was also venturing into experimental music and sound art with proposals such as X=R7, a band created in the company of Juan Cirerol, immersed in the experimental punk scene and later started appearing as TRON...

Current TRON project, began as an experimental rock project and gradually integrated elements of Noise Art and Sound Art, becoming a solo project in 2011, and exploring the performance as an essential part of the concept. With the style and genre of TRON, increasingly closer to sound art and performance... at the beginning of 2013 has been invited to participate in a tour of the center of Japan sharing gigs with various musical projects related to experimental noise.

Recorded By Trouble & Tron at Guadalajara Jalisco on July 2013. Special Credits: Ramon Penilla


25. Esto es...lo minimo que puedo hacer [excerpt] by by Melodiklasta

Melodiklasta (2007) is a band of punk-improvisation. The members of the band have varied in each presentation always, arriving to be 2 to 10 on stage.
 Official Members: Mario Klasta and Mari Bender.
They have performed in Café Jazzorca, Multiforo Alicia, Tianguis del Chopo, Centro Multimedia [CNA], Centro Cultural España, Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, Galleía Interferential and more. The have shared stage with artists like Justice Yeldham, Kevin Shields, Soriah, Jason Zeh, Bryan Day, Zero Point, Walter Schmidt, Amniosis, Vulgar Disease, I / C / O / C, Miki Guadamur, Christian Galarreta, La patente pendiente, among others.

Current members: Mari Bender - bass | Zyberpunk - Guitar | Pordiosero Power - Vocals and effects | Marco Rosas - drums | Mario Klasta - Guitar and vocals
Recording of rehearsal, Mexico DF on January 2009. Original sound source optimized and premastered by Julian Bonequi.


26. Live at Museo de Arte Zapopan [excerpt] by Par Asito 5000

Band formed by Jorge González, Daniel Nuñez and Fabriccio De la Mora. The project started in 2011 and unlike its predecessors (4000 and 3000), version '5 K 'emerge from the instinctive desire to catch, within the acoustic cabinet, the sonic drive of their interpreters and from their need to squeeze it muscularly. Par Asito 5000 uses a variety of resources, including Pd and Objective-C, modified electronics, integrated circuits & oscillators, analog and digital effects, and feedback, all to find an atmosphere inspired by the space-rock, proto-punk and 'harsh noise'[?], among other things.

Setup: Drums, bass, guitar, custom synthesizer for iPad and custom analog synths
Recorded at "Museo de Arte Zapopan", on May 7, 2013, with the support of "Laboratorio Sensorial"









Promotional compilation & selected material edited & curated by Julian Bonequi.

We want to give special thanks to all the artists involved for their support, and to the labels, curators and associate collectives who trust in the project.

Thanks to Los Grises, Volta, El Historial, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Festival Aural, Daniel Goldaracena, Lunario/Auditorio Nacional, MUAC-UNAM, UVA-CCU, and Centro Cultural España in Mexico City ; Museo de Arte Zapopan, Laboratorio Sensorial, A.M.P. RECS in Guadalajara; Testa Estudio in León Guanajuato; Signature Sound Studios & Shady Elm Studios in San Diego; and in Europe to the Arts Music Recording and the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands, and to Wakushoppu in Praga.

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