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Release date: 22.07.13
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Translations* and texts edited by Bonequi. First version


1. La Patente Pendiente [Studio Session] by Eduardo Jiménez

Tape recorder, tapes, loop tapes, effects, guitar
Recorded on June 11, 2013 at Hacked Tapes Records, Mexico, Distrito Federal

Eduardo Jiménez (1979). Sound and visual producer (hacked tapes) based in Mexico City. Its most common resources include circuit bending, magnetic tape, microcontrollers, medical devices, musical instruments and open source software. His work has been exhibited in Forums as Casa del Lago, Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Sala de Arte Pública Siqueiros, Galeria Border, Museo Británico Americano, Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Dorkbot Ciudad de México, Volta & Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati.


2. Denki Kodama by Alexandra Cárdenas

Laptop & SuperCollider. Live coding session recorded on february 2012 at Tokyo Experimental Festival

Alexandra Cárdenas [ Guitar + Supercollider Programming ], born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1976. Studied Composition at Los Andes University. Her work has been played in several concert halls in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Europe, China and India and have also been played by many different soloists and chamber ensembles as Tambuco. Her work "Palíndromos" got an honorific mention at the Third Latin-American Harp Encounter in Venezuela. In 2003 she was granted an Artistic Residence at Centro Multimedia in CENART (National Center for the Arts), in Mexico City, where she lived since 2001. Resident artist at Tokyo Wonder Site in 2012. Since 2008 she works with SuperCollider, programming and improvising music. She is constantly creating projects at the Centro Multimedia in CENART, with the support of Robotics and Audio Workshops. Her work focuses on experimentation using live electronics, improvisation, creation of controllers and interfaces and livecoding. Currently studies at Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK).


3. La Guajolota by Eduardo Meléndez

Home studio recording. July 30, 2013. His work explores non linear narratives in interactive immersive spaces, creation of emotional automatas that express emotions via generative audiovisual behaviors and algorithmic composition.

Eduardo Meléndez (1975), works and lives in Mexico City. He studied the Master Degree in Electronics Arts at the National University Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Worked at the Centro Multimedia (CENART Mexico) as researcher and developer of art and electronic media over 6 years. He studied saxophone at the "Escuela Superior de Música" in Mexico, and electroacoustic music composition with Sergio Luque and Carole Chargueron. His work has been shown in several national and international festivals Temps D'Image in Montreal (CA), Transitio_mx in Mexico, rawBits (r4wb1t5) in Chicago and Radar Sound Art Festival among others.


4. Big BanG by Chocolate Smoke Gang

Remi Alvarez, tenor & soprano saxophone
Blair Latham, bass clarinet & alto sax
Nicolas Santella, piano
Gabriel Puentes & Gustavo Nandayapa, drums
Arturo Báez, double bass
Carlos Maldonado,conduction, composition & double bass.
Alexander Bruck, viola

A powerful ensamble of Avantarde Free Jazz founded and led by composer and improviser Carlos Maldonado Cisneros aka Malcisne
Recorded by Gerardo Rosado [Discos Intolerancia] on June 25-26, 2012 at the Sala Xochipili of the "Escuela Nacional de Música" - UNAM [Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México]
A binaural production by Ligia Lupercio.
Track taken from the homonym CD published by Intolerancia Records and with the Support of "El Convite".


5. La Serena by Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky

"La Serena" traditional Sephardic songs [ Canción tradicional sefaradí ].
Recorded on June 7, 2013 at Radio UNAM by Inti Terán, Mexico City. Mixed by Fernando Vigueras.

"Dora Juarez is a brilliant young vocalist whose first CD on Tzadik with the trio Muna Zul was released to great acclaim in 2003. Here she steps out on her own to create a fascinating musical journey exploring her own Jewish identity. Tracing her lineage from her parent’s roots in Eastern Europe and Spain, on to Argentina, Israel (where Dora was born) and finally to Mexico where she was raised and still lives, this is an intensely personal and passionate Jewish story told through traditional Sephardic songs in Ladino and Yiddish." Tzadik Records


6. Malakopanitsa by Carlos Marks

Carlos Alegre, Violin
Misha Marks, Latarra
Jacobo Guererro, Darbuka, Daff, Rik
Tomás Fernández, Double Bass
Stroh violin - Alexander Bruck (special guest appearance)
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerry Rosado, Intolerancia Records, March 2012.
From albúm Carlos Marks, Dislalia, Intolerancia, 2013

Recorded at Intolerancia studio, Mexico City, 6,7,8 of March, 2012.
Malakopanitsa, recorded and mixed by Gerry Rosado (This version is the mastered one. When we published on october 2012 the same track as promotional document at Audition's catalogue the track was not mastered yet. This track belongs to Dislalia album released on CD by Discos Intolerancia on july 2013.

Carlos Marks (MX/NZ) quartet born in Mexico City in 2009, and proposes a universe where contemporary music is inseparable from the folk, free improvisation, the traditions of Balkan and Mexican music unfold in parallel, generating therefore a sound link between ritualistic and contemporary. Far from making an imitation of traditional music of others, Carlos Marks elaborates on them and endorses key elements, the irregular beats and sinuous phrasing from Balkan music, the cadence of huapango and the sadness from cardenche singing, the timbre of music from contemporary resources and the spontaneity and energy of freejazz melt and transformed to create a unique and relevant language of cutting-edge music for the XXI century.


7. Track 04 by Delicados

"DELICADOS is a noise, improvisation and experimental music project by Daniel Goldaracena, Hernan Hecht and Andrés Solis born in 2006. It was done during a series of recording sessions made in a "cuasiambulant psico-funky" studio, installed for a few months under the shades of an abandoned house at San Jerónimo, a neighborhood in Mexico City. In this proposal lies a mixture of electric and acoustic instruments in combination with everyday objects like ashtrays, coins, adhesive tape or hammers, merged through rough analog recording techniques, in an age where computers have degrade the true and almost lost craft of the original audio recording arts." [Daniel Goldaracena]

"Daniel Goldaracena: Electric and acoustic guitars, pedal effects, ashtrays, coins, adhesive tapes, gaffers, waffles and bafles.
Hernán Hetch: Drums, percussions, SuperCollider programming, lap-top, toys, fruits, vegetables and one apple on every Wednesday.
Andrés Solis: Piano, prepared piano, accordion, MAX-MSP programming, lap-top, popp-tarts, pot-pie, prepared pear pie and more..."

Recorded at San Jerónimo, Mexico City 2005. Sound engineer: Daniel Goldaracena. Mastered by Nathan James , NYC.
Special Credits: Melesio, his dogs, el Abuelo.


8. sAy iT [from by CD/app iNFiNiTO album] Iraida Noriega & Alex Otaola

Album/app 'Infinito': 21 tracks (69 mins of music) are fractured into 53 different pieces categorized as 'composition', 'improv' or 'ambient/static'. The user can rearrange them and create different puzzles with a maximum duration of 40 minutes (the length of an LP). The number of permutations has 69 zeroes...

Live recording/Improvisation with:
Voz/speak'n'spell/live looping (Iraida Noriega)
Tenorion, Kaossilator, iPhone Reactable (Alex Otaola)

Alex Otaola, guitarist and composer who joined SANTA SABINA in the year 1994 playing all over Mexico and releasing 6 albums... Also collaborates with popular mainstream mexican bands... he has made music for film, theater and television, and has released two solo albums: 'FRACTAL' (2007) multimedia project that incorporates, in an electronic context, a mosaic of musical styles and brief cameos from more than 30 prominent rock musicians, jazz and national pop...

Iraida Noriega [Mexico 1971]. Probably one of the most notorious female jazz singers of Mexico... in 1990 she decided to study at City College in New York City, the city where she developed her talent through the teachings of Sheila Jordan, Mimi Daitz and Bob Norton and was invited to collaborate with the Latin Jazz Ensemble of the saxophonist Rolando Briseño. In 1993 she joined the jazz ensemble of Roberto Aymes thus beginning a long list of collaborations with talented musicians such as Agustín Bernal, Aarón Cruz, Enrique Neri, Gabo González, Emiliano Marentes, Tony Cárdenas, Cuicanitl, Magos Herrera , Eugenia León, Hebe Rossell, Ricardo Sánchez, Nico Santella, Israel Cupich, Hernán Hecht, Gustavo Nandayapa and Nacho Alcántara performing in numerous music festivals in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Colombia, Spain and Mexico....


9. The Marvellous Transatlantic - Παντόθεν ἀμβολάδην by Generación Espontánea & Thanos Chrysakis

Carlos Alegre, violin and viola
Darío Bernal Villegas, cymbals
Ramón del Buey, violas, cello, trombone and bass clarinet
Thanos Chrysakis, electronics
Natalia Pérez Turner, cello
Wilfrido Terrazas, flute
Fernando Vigueras, acoustic guitar

"Free improvisation anti-band" with bad influences of all kinds, founded in 2006 in Mexico. Its members are Carlos Alegre, Darío Bernal Villegas, Alexander Bruck, Ramón del Buey, Misha Marks, Natalia Pérez Turner, Wilfrido Terrazas and Fernando Vigueras. GE has conducted more than 70 public presentations, recorded 4 albums, created his own mythology, founded his own record label ( Ápice), and collaborated with over 60 artists from 10 countries...

The Marvellous Transatlantic. Remote-collaborative project between European and Mexican musicians.
A production of GE and Ápice with the support of FONCA [National Fund for Culture and the Arts]

The electronics were recorded somewhere in Europe (Visby-Sweden) in late October 2012 by Thanos Chrysakis.
The instrumental part of the piece was recorded during November and December 2012 at the "Palacio de Asturias".
Carlos Alegre, Darío Bernal Villegas, Ramon del Buey and Wilfrido Terrazas were responsible for editing and final assembly.
The mixing and mastering were done by Dario Bernal Villegas and Ramon del Buey advised by Wade Matthews / [Last push of sound/premastered by Julian Bonequi.]


10. Puente nublado con depredadores complacientes entre la niebla [excerpt] by Ivan Bringas

"Cloudy bridge with complacent predators in the fog" Acoustic Guitar. Recorded on 2013 at [Rodrigo Ambriz aka 'Cacophonic Joy's Studio] Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico. Sound engineer: Alejandro Villalobos

Iván Jarek Bringas Osuna (Mexico City, 1990). The inventor of the expansive guitar technique (2008). He has performed with musicians such as Eliott Levin, Peeter Uuskyla, Stefan Gonzales, Misha Marks, Mike Cooper, Pasquale Calo, Germán Bringas, Remi Alvarez, Alex Bruck, Matteo Negrin... and at various festivals of the Mexican Republic and in different cities in Italy. He has produced 4 records for solo guitar, two with his own compositions and two performing pieces from various composers.


11. Sugerencias para "Ahuyentar la Mala Suerte" [excerpt] by Teresa Arias

Improvisations and "Tips for Repelling Bad Luck". Electro-Acoustic composition for cello, vibraphone, pan flute (Knives-Sharpener)... and dancers... the vibraphone was recorded in the conservatory in ESMD (School of Music and Dance of Monterrey). The cello is a home studio recording.

Teresa Arias López Gavito, instrumentalist, composer, sound recordings and production. Bachelor of Design (ITESM 2009). In 2008 at ITESM [Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education] was part of First Universitary Ensemble of Experimental Music in the Country (?). "Experimentec Ensemble" conducted by the composer Angelo Sturiale. She studied cello technique with Marieta Ivanova (Monterrey), and currently with el Maestro and Conductor of the Orchestra Hector Robles (Mexico DF). Teresa has taken workshops in Composition and Contemporary Music with some of   the most prominent composers at the "International Contemporary Music Festival of Monterrey ", as Mario Mary (IRCAM-Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique), Marcelo Toledo (Columbia), and Emmanuel Nunes (student of Karlheinz Stockhausen)...


12. Noon Tide by Manrico Montero

Noon Tide, 2008 | Vera Ostrova (vocals)
Manrico Montero composition- included on "Betweenness" CD / / Sem Label 003 Paris

Sound Landscape, Visual Artist, Improviser, Semiotic, Ornithologist, Mandorla netlabel founder [2006] : a record label and collective specialized on multinational projects in experimental music and visual arts.

He has worked with musicians and improvisers as: Burkhard Stangl, Pauline Oliveros, Franz Hautzinger, Angélica Castello, Steven Brown, Gene Coleman, Billy Roisz, Dieb13, Bhob Rainey, Mario de Vega, Chris Cogburn, Arthur Henry Fork, Juanjosé Rivas, Eduardo Meléndez, Rogelio Sosa, Alexander Bruck, Wilfrido Terrazas, Bonnie Jones, Daniel Aspuru... His music has been published internationally in labels like: Sem Label, Trente Oiseaux, Impulsive Habitat, Iod, Eko, Mahorka, etc...


13. tesela 0.1 [excerpt] by Jorge Ramirez [AVONREVLON]

LapTop_ livecoding + SuperCollider. Recorderd at TjinChina Project Room, Beijing in 2012

Jorge Ramirez aka AVONREVLON [2010] Born in Guadalajara in 1981. Architect, composer and sound artist. Transfer marginal processes between music and architecture in the imminence of the untreatable. As an improviser and AVONREVLON LiveCoder his project has been presented in multiple forums sharing stage with artists such as Ash Wednesday (Einstürzende Neubauten), Yan Jun (CH), Sean Baxter (Aus) and Marco Fussinato (Aus)... and in Forums as "Visiones Sonoras" CMMAS [Mexican Center for Music and Sonor Arts, Morelia, Michoacán], Sound Emissions International soundart Festival (CH), Piksel (NOR) and "VIVO" International Festival of livecoding at CENART and Volta in Mexico City.


14. Estatuas en la Discordia [excerpt] by Nazareno el Violento

Members on track:
Perikiller (voice), Mico (drums), Naruto (Bass), Cardenal (Guitar), handsomefish (2nd Guitar)
Current Members:
Mico, drums
Chamaz, bass
Cardenal, guitar
Perikiller, voice
Recorded in 2010 by Hugo Madrid.

Nazareno el Violento (2009) is a band from Mexico City, which arises after the extinction of bands like Duran-go! and Charles Barkley. The first material is released in 2010 summer in a format of 7" vinyl, released in conjunction with Nuestra Lengua Records and Survival Instinct Records , and the digital version would later appear as split with the band from Tijuana "walle" in the year of 2011.
After changing some of the members of the band, in 2012 recorded "XIII" in Leon Guanajuato with Kabe in Testa Studios. The new album will be produced and this time by the post-metal collective "Los Grises" and by "Nuestra Lengua" in a 12" coming out soon in July-August 2013.

"The band aims to spread the message within the music we share and not to compete. We are convinced that actions always reverberate louder than words, and that the only way to abolish injustice and poverty in our country is the organization and self-management."


15. Bestia by Juanjosé Rivas

Sound and visual artist. Working with sound since 2000. He has studied at SABK in Karlsruhe Germany. As well, he has been resident artist at HANGAR Multimedia Center in Barcelona Spain and in the CENART in México City. He has received also support by CENART with the Program of Production and Research of Media Art.

His work has been exhibited in differents galleries and festivals in countries such as: Germany, Argentina, Canada, Spain, U.S.A, Japan, Portugal, Morocco and Mexico. Juanjosé has collaborated and shared stage with artist and musicians like: Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Ikue Mori, Joker Nies, Bloodyminded, Angélica Castello, Burkhard Stangl, Dan Deacon, Drew Daniels, M.C. Schmidt, Tuna Pase, among many others. Currently he has the "JOVENES CREADORES" grant in the multimedia category (CONACULTA-FONCA 2011-2012) and is a part of the DORKBOT project in Mexico City, member for planning and evaluating committee of TRANSITIO_MX and artistic director of VOLTA. Also he teaches aesthetics, video and multimedia art at the "CENTRO" University.

Recorded n July 2013 at JRZ studio, Mexico City.


16. Live at Tlaçoloni [excerpt] by Arcangelo Constantini

Arcangelo Constantini, 8X8 ohm / 1bit + mixer , live electromagnetic induction audio process
Live performance at TLAÇOLONI // VOLTA, 1st Festival of Improvisation & Sonor Experimentation. San Pablo del Monte, Tlaxcala 2012
Sound engineer and recording by Kai Kratz

8 independent microcontrollers generate square pulse which is emitted as voltage and electricity to a coil, which generates a electromagnetic field variable. Four inductive coils capture this invisible field that is amplified again with electromagnetic wave issued by speakers that use electromagnetic induction to convert electric current into sound again. By rotating the platform and  with independently control of each of the four necks, are able to achieve... attack, sustain, release and decay

Arcangelo Constantini (Mexico City 1970). His research and development as an artist, curator and promoter is fully activated by the link between artistic and technological processes, different discursive lines are present in his practice, linked to perceptual processes, from a conceptual playful profile. He is a collector of old technology that integrates as contemporary understandings of the processes and ideas into disuse, his speeches are fed by activities related to net-art, hacking technology, the design of interfaces and devices, interactive animation, experimental music and sound art, illustration, graphics, photography and video.


17. Improvisation [Studio Solo] by Francisco Bringas

Francisco Bringas Solo [2007]. Bols, Tar, wooden spoons, harmonic overtone singing, indian tabla, Berimbau.
Recorded on August 2007 at Misha St.,Tasqueña, Mexico City. This song belongs to the CD album "FANYANDE".
Composition dedicated to Yarian Bringas. Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Co-Production by Arcadio Hernández

Composer and multi-instrumentalist with more than 30 year as musician, Francisco Bringas fuses a wide range of genres as Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Celtic music, Balkan, Gypsy, Indian, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, Fusion... He recorded more than 30 albums, as well as concerts, tours and festivals in Mexico, Europe, USA, South America and China... with various ensembles and national and international musicians. In addition he works with some of the best exponents of Arabic dance, Indian dance and contemporary dance in Mexico, USA and Argentina. Instruments: Table, Derbake, Tombak, Tar, Daf, Riq, Cajón, Djembé, Tankdrums and other percussion, and various Guitars, Oud, Saz, Bass, Xaphoon, Hulusis, Duduk, flutes, vocals and multiphonic overtone singing.


18. Tonewood, for string instruments and pulse generator by Liminar/Hugo Morales Murguía

Alexander Bruck, viola
Jorge Amador, cello
Carlos Iturralde, tololoche (3 string acoustic bass)
José Manuel Alcántara, guitar
Miguel Cicero, harpsichord
Hugo Morales Murguía, composition, live electronics

Recorded on June 28, 2012 at Ex-Teresa Arte Actual. Mexican Premiere. The program also included music by Phill Niblock, Iván Naranjo and James Saunders.

Liminar is a groundbreaking ensemble of Mexican musicians devoted to contemporary music. Its instrumentation is flexible (typically between 10 and 20 musicians are involved in a performance), and its main focus is on working with living composers, as well as establishing a repertoire of music from the past century they find is still surprising and innovative. Founded in 2011 by its current artistic directors Carmina Escobar and Alexander Bruck, who were joined in 2012 by Carlos Iturralde, the group has played over 30 concerts, with music by composers ranging from John Cage, James Tenney, Alvin Lucier and Robert Ashley, to Giacinto Scelsi, Helmut Lachenmann and Kaija Saariaho, as well as many local composers (Ignacio Baca Lobera, Edgar Guzmán, Víctor Ibarra, Iván Naranjo, Hiram Navarrete, Juan Felipe Waller, to name only a few).


19. Lokal Uzytkowy [Lokal Improvisation - excerpt] by LEMM Quartet

Lokal Uzytkowy, Warsaw, Pl. (06.16.2013) Poland Tour 2013
Emilio Gordoa (MX) - Vibraphon, Perc.
Loïc Bertrand (FR) - Klarinette, Flöte.
Michelle Yom (US/KR) - Flöten
Markus Pesonen (FI) - E-Gitarre

LEMM Quartet is the improvisation project of Loïc Bertrand , Emilio Gordoa , Markus Pesonen , and Michelle Yom .
"Meeting in the vibrant impro scene in Berlin, LEMM combines backgrounds from classical, free jazz, free improvisation, noise, and electronic sound experiments to explore the sonic possibilities of flutes, clarinet, guitar, percussion, and vibraphone, wich often result in intersections of melody, harmony, and noise, creating rich textures of sounds framed by surprising composites of tonality, within orchestral range of sounds and the intimacy of chamber music."


20. Live at Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala by Tlaçoçoloca

Live Coding, digital synthesis , field recording, circuit bending & guitar.
Recorded by Fernando Larios on march 10, 2013, at the "Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala" and organized by Tlaçoloni & Volta.
Tlaçoloni is a word in Nahuátl [a macrolanguage of the Ute-aztecs] and means buzzing or noise.

José Luis Romero is a visual artist. Fernando Larios, a sonor artist. Both together are the main team of the Collective "Arte a 360 Grados A.C.". A great mexican initiative working in the capital of Tlaxcala, who arises with the mission to promote and disseminate different areas in visual arts, music, dance, literature...
The project is nomadic, and chooses to generate intersections of relational spaces, bringing to an end the not sticking to conventional spaces for art, coming from places like houses, rooms, rooftops, schools and parks, buses, streets, the web, etc.., and turning to an art of relationships as an effective way to discover other possibilities for interaction between artistic practices and their potential interlocutors.


21. Live at Chapala [excerpt] by D/zazter Ensamble

In 2010, Juan Castañón y Bruno Angeloni (Roma, IT) from IMPROMUZAK (Monterrey) join the 'chilanga' [a Mexican slang demonym for residents of Mexico City.] rhythm section of ZERO POINT/COSMIC MUTAFUKA BRUJO that consists on Gabriel Lauber lauber/Itzam Cano.

Juan Castañón, Guitarist of Impromuzak & Acasia projects, improviser and free music promoter, has been presented at festivals in Mexico and Europe and made several recordings for European labels specialized in contemporary music and free improvisation.

Gabriel Lauber, Swiss drummer (free jazz specialist) based in Mexico, with a long list of collaborations with big names of the international scene, and currently working with Zero Point Trio, a group and national pioneer of free jazz in Mexico, and the first mexican group signed by the legendary label Ayler Records.

Itzam Cano on double bass, is an active musician of the mexican scene, involved in numerous projects. He is also director of the first tenteto of free jazz in Mexico "Rara Avis 10" made by Mexican and foreign musicians... "but when Itzam Cano’s bass resonates, it underscores Peacock’s remarkably influential technique." - Jeff Stockton, All About Jazz.

"An invitation challenges the viewer to be part of a process of real-time sound creation." Recorded on April 4, Lago de Chapala, Guadalajara 2013.


22. Alfa by Apocalipsis

Fabian Castro
Sergio Herrera "Chamaz"
Leonardo Cardoso "Highmico"
Recorded by Victor Armando "KB" Velázquez Solís on 2011 at Testa Studio, León, Guanajuato

"Apocalipis began as an instrumental project in 2010, that seeks to experiment with sounds and dark atmospheres that we consider represent the history of our world, wars, social movements, the absurd religion, crowd control and self-destruction."


23. Tormenta de Sesos by Rolling Eye

Blair Latham, saxophone, bass clarinet
Darío Bernal Villegas, drums
Misha Marks, latarra, baritone horn
Recorded on March 15, 2012 at Zuno Zaguán, Guadalajara,
Broadcast on "Radio Universidad de Guadalajara".
Sound Engineer: Tomás Wade
Premastered by Julian Bonequi.

Rolling Eye came to being in 2008 when New Zealanders Blair Latham and Misha Marks transposed themselves to Mexico. They landed first in the coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, where after one month and numerous failed attempts at finding gigs they realized they were in the wrong place. Misha moved to Mexico City and Blair to Cozumel. A year later Blair moved to Mexico City and the project resumed. In 2010 Rolling Eye became a trio with the presence of Darío Bernal Villegas on the drums. All three members compose music for the group, they alternate composed material with free-improvisation defined by extreme dynamics, and a heavy freejazz element into deep sonic explorations.










Promotional compilation & selected material edited & curated by Julian Bonequi.

We want to give special thanks to all the artists involved for their support, and to the labels, curators and associate collectives who trust in the project.

Thanks to ESMD in Monterrey; Testa Studio in Guanajuato; MAT-Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala, Tlaçoloni & Arte a 360 Grados; Hacked Tapes, Ápice Label, Revista SinTexto, Colectivo Clinamen, Volta, Los Grises, FONCA, Sala Xochipili ENM-UNAM, Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Radio UNAM, Discos Intolerancia & El Convite in Mexico City; Tzadik Records in NYC; in Europe to SEM Label Paris, Lokal Użytkowy Warsaw; in Asia to Tokyo Experimental Festival and TjinChina Project Room in Beijing.

Remi Alvarez performing with the Chocolate Smoke Gang, picture by César Omar Pérez. Design by Audition Records. Original template by Aniana Heras

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