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Release date: 22.07.13
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Translations* and texts edited by Bonequi. First version


1. Tétanos by Muz Muz.

Gudinni Cortina [MX]: trumpet, fx, electronics
Iñigo Barandiaran [SP]: electronics, strings, turntable, fx
Objects: sheet metal, glass, wood beams, awls, nails, hammers... CAD Microphones, SHURE and SONY. Sound Processors operated in real time.
Recorded at the granary of the "Hacienda Santa Barbara", Huamantla, Tlaxcala
When: 05/05/2013

The project born in 2010. MUZ-MUZ, an experimental electro-acoustic musical duo based in Mexico City that focuses its work on improvisation as a radical philosophy that targets any live musical event for the purpose of transforming mere entertainment into a transcendental occasion, immersed into a process of impregnation, abstraction and reorganization of sounds to build up new sound habitats.


2. Avistamiento by Esteban de la Monja Casar

Custom software,Korg Monotribe, Dave Smith´s Mopho, lots of samples. Produced on May 2013 at Guadalajara, Mexico.
Professor of multimedia interested in sonor and visual details and computer processes. Dedicated to visual art and sound since 13 years. Co-founder of Licuadora Records


3 & 17. Madre Tenebra [excerpts 1-2] by Verónica Mota Galindo aka Cubop

Setup: Ableton Live, Analogue Electronics [kaos pad, sp-202 dr sample & monotron korg)
Recorded live the 2nd of June 2012 at MS-Stubnitz Hamburg sharing stage with Anemone Tube (GER) and Last Dominion Lost (AU).

"Verónica Mota Galindo (Mexico City 1977) is musically active in five sonic projects: The Sublime, The Abject, The Devil and Miss Jones, Materia Negra and Espectra Negra.
Curator of Urban Arts Berlin and based in Berlin since 2002, as sound artist she has many collaborations with artists such as Miriam Wuttke, Jon Evans, Annie Stubbs, Alain Ledezma & Miro Mastropasqua, among others. Her works as soloist have been presented in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Italy, and released on tape, mini-CD, CD, CDR and on-line many of her works since 2007.


4. SN 1604 (Kepler's Supernova) [excerpt] by Vinnum Sabbathi

Vinnum Sabbathi born in 2011. Juan Alberto Tamayo, guitar and electronics. Gerardo Arión, drums. Samuel Lopez, bass

6 σ Level: Side A EP | Home studio recording. December 2012-January 2013. Special Credits: Román Tamayo, Bianca Yazmín, Raúl Sisniega, Juan Carlos "Mutilador", Juan Mladinic, Los Grises, Loud Slow and Distorted Riffs from Mexico,

Vinnum Sabbathi is a Drone Doom band originally from "Estado de México", and was created in 2011 by Juan Alberto Tamayo, which released a demo (only 100 copies were made originally). Vinnum Sabbathi made ​​his debut on September 30, 2011 at the 5th Bazaar of Cassette and Vinyl. The influences of the band are the human like an amazing being and as a weapon of mass destruction, the Universe, gravity, sound, waves and movement.


5. Chico Fusión by Duran-Go!

Duran-Go! Members: Caco, Mico, Yeili, Perikiyo, Totore.
Home studio recording at Alan and Josue's house (Vicente Gayo) in May 2007 at Satélite, Estado de México. Special credits: Pamela, Josué, Alan, Charles, Trix, Totore, Yeicots.

Duran-go! arose in late 2006 when Caco & Mico join together with the intention of creating aggressive music and unbridled compared to their previous projects. A few months later, Perikiyo joined the band adding vocals, and on the following year, in January 2007, Duran-go! recorded for the EP, 3 songs which is the only material that is currently available from the band. In its short life they shared gigs opening bands as 'From Autumn To Ashes' among others. Some lineup changes occurred by having Totore as second guitar and Yeicots subsequently on bass... the band finally died on January 11, 2008 at the "Multiforo Alicia" next to other bands that also have their last show on that day: the 39 steps and Arse Moreira.


6. Infinito Solito [excerpt] by mU

Recorded in Mexico, "Distrito Federal", on September 2007... mU was a band that worked in Mexico City from 2004 to 2009. Formed by Ernesto Romero, Ezequiel Netri and Eduardo Meléndez. The work of mU explored experimental electronic music, sound art and interactive video installation. One of the most important & iconic projects of realtime & live coding of the first decade of the new millenium of music in Mexico.


7. Track 05 by Delicados

"DELICADOS is a noise, improvisation and experimental music project by Daniel Goldaracena, Hernan Hecht and Andrés Solis born in 2006. It was done during a series of recording sessions made in a "cuasiambulant psico-funky" studio, installed for a few months under the shades of an abandoned house at San Jerónimo, a neighborhood in Mexico City. In this proposal lies a mixture of electric and acoustic instruments in combination with everyday objects like ashtrays, coins, adhesive tape or hammers, merged through rough analog recording techniques, in an age where computers have degrade the true and almost lost craft of the original audio recording arts." [Daniel Goldaracena]

"Daniel Goldaracena: Electric and acoustic guitars, pedal effects, ashtrays, coins, adhesive tapes, gaffers, waffles and bafles.
Hernán Hetch: Drums, percussions, SuperCollider programming, lap-top, toys, fruits, vegetables and one apple on every Wednesday.
Andrés Solis: Piano, prepared piano, accordion, MAX-MSP programming, lap-top, popp-tarts, pot-pie, prepared pear pie and more..."

Recorded at San Jerónimo, Mexico City 2005. Sound engineer: Daniel Goldaracena. Mastered by Nathan James, NYC.
Special Credits: Melesio, his dogs, el Abuelo.


8. Trailer/El Hombre de la Cámara by Alex Otaola

Alex Otaola, guitarist and composer who joined SANTA SABINA in the year 1994 playing all over Mexico and releasing 6 albums... Also collaborates with popular mainstream mexican bands ... he has made music for film, theater and television, and has released two solo albums: 'FRACTAL' (2007), a multimedia project that incorporates, in an electronic context, a mosaic of musical styles and brief cameos from more than 30 prominent rock musicians, jazz and national pop....

In 2010 publishes the CD "El Hombre de la Cámara", recorded live at the Cineteca Nacional during the silent classic. For this formed the 'Chamber Ensemble / Action' a combo in which 11 musicians employ a total of 20 instruments to accompany the images of Soviet experimental documentary 'Man with a Movie Camera ' (1929). A 9 months after being released 8,000 have been distributed for free of ten thousand copies of the CD through sponsors and benefactors, and stopped being a market CD to become a collectible object. The show was presented on 6 occasions in addition... and both "solo" productions received the "IMA'S" as the best 'Experimental Release'.

The band: Alex Otaola, guitar, composition and conduction
Chema Arreola [La Barranca], drums and electronic percussion
Carlos Maldonado [Los Dorados], bass
María Emilia Martnez [Monocordio,.. ] & Luca Ortega [sound mixing], flutes
Adrián Terrazas [The Mars Volta] & Daniel Zlotnik [Los Dorados], saxophones
Gustavo Nandayapa: marimba
Dj Rayo (Centavrvs): turntables
Dra. Molina: theremin
Raúl Vizzi: bandoneón


9. Flash Flood by Misha Marks

Misha Marks (New Zealand, 1983). Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist currently lives and works in Mexico City mainly.   He learned self-taught guitar at an early age, then studied jazz and classic guitar in Wellington, New Zealand, where he became involved in the world of   free improvisation and experimental music. Based in Mexico since 2008, is an active member of many ensambles as Generación Espontánea, Rolling Eye, Nabuzenko and Caros Marks [ar077 | balkans, freejazz & mexican folk].

Recorded by Misha Marks on May 2012 at Christchurch, New Zealand.
Simultaneous latarra (biscuit-tin guitar) and prepared electric guitar


10. Live @ Monterrey by Juan Pablo Villa

Juan Pablo Villa (1975) is a musician, composer and mexican performer who focuses his work on vocal improvisation, jazz, free jazz and chamber music. He plays the piano, accordion, matófono, guitarra and handles the voice influenced by songs like the Inuit, Mongolian, multiphonic, cardenche and atonal improvisation conducted over vocal exploration using multi-effects processors and objects. His musical approach is unconventional, complex and integrated into a stream of musical art in Mexico looking to expand the sonic possibilities. One of the best mexicans singers of comtemporary music and folklore for sure.

Juan Pablo Villa, loop station and voice
Recorded at Gargantúa Espacio Cultural, Monterrey, Mexico, on April 18, 2013 by Impro Sessions.
Impro Sessions was born five months ago from the need to fill in a small way, the cultural vacuum existing in the city of Monterrey in the last years caused by violence and the drug war. The idea is to create a venue for the public interested in experimental music and once a month to offer a space for interaction, dialogue and dissemination of specific works of the artists.


11. Live @ Instants Chavirés Q#19 [excerpt] by Méryll Ampe

Recorded at Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France on May 15, 2012. Premastered by Julian Bonequi.
Computer, layers, densities, prints and granulation.

"We are immersed in an atmosphere of contemplation intimately strange...
Currently I'm in fourth year of Fine Arts at the National School of Fine Arts in Cergy, France, where I'm getting ready to finish a master's degree in sound art.
Important works: In 2011 the composition "Alcor flâneur Balade d'un cavalier" has been transmitted with an Acousmonium at the George Bizet Consevatory of Paris. The Acousmonium is the sound diffusion system designed in 1974 by Francois Bayle and used originally by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales at the Maison de Radio France. It consists of 80 loudspeakers of differing size and shape, and was designed for tape playback."

In charge of sound art programming at the Galerie Glassox, Méryll have been working in Mexico City 2012/2013 as an assistant of the sound artist Manuel Rocha Iturbide.   "Tamales" (4 min 59, Mexico 2013) is one of her last electroacoustic pieces done in Mexico City, and it has been selected at - women in experimental music.


12. Strike by Campo De Inducciones [ Arturo Ortega ]

Analog synths, hacked toys, field recordings. Engraving: between January 2010 - January 2013

Aturo Ortega (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - 1982). Under the pseudonym of "Piscis" has released records on digital labels of Russia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Germany, United Kingdom, Peru, Mexico and the United States.
In the mexican music scene depicts a project formed in early 2000, facing the sound experiment, installation and electroacoustic music composition.

His sound work is composed by improvisation of traditional instruments, field recordings and sound generation with modified electronics.
Arturo Ortega funded in 2006 A.M.P.-RECS, probably the most constant and important netlabel in whole Mexico. A netlabel which offers a catalog of more than 135 virtual online releases availables, under the concept of alternative distribution. Is also a member of several musical projects and quite active musician in the mexican experimental circuits, as in the case of Reyvnols Blunt?,. RR. and has shared concerts with artists as Jan Jelinek, Lapatentependiente, Christian Galarreta, Deadbeat, Esteban de la Monja, Mario de Vega, Apparat, Ryan Friedrich, Dimitri della Faille, Daniel Hintz, Sutra, Juan Castanon, Bruno Angeloni, Justice Yeldham, i / c / o / c, Molloy and his bike, DJ Seppuku, Jason Zeh, Los Heraldos Negros, Alejandro Morse, Hugo Espinoza, Danieto, Amniosis, Afgan, Tupperwear, among many others.


13. Te dije qué no quería estar aquí by Abigail Vasquez

Abigail Vasquez ( Mazatlán, Sinaloa, 1982). Composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer, who builds electroacoustic atmospheres and plays the violin, cello, vocals and piano. Composed during 2013 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. "This is dedicated to each one what my eyes have looked."

Abigail Vasquez loves the music inspired by his grandfather since early years and on this way she became a violinist, singer and composer. She began as a performer of classical music and continued into the roots of jazz to stay with its essence permanently, but has also been involved into electronic projects and of progressive rock. In her role as a composer stands in the concrete music genre, using main sounds on several layers of strings and female voices.
Her creations are almost a musical chronicle that seeks to relate the moments of daily life, turning them into images, soundscapes, and a kind of photographs that capture the feeling of the moment.... in the manner of the old surrealists. Her compositions are short pieces recorded and executed in one take, no later editions, to capture the emotions and feelings as they arose. Several of her compositions have become music for film scores.


14. Pulsum Plantae [mobile version] by Leslie García

Pulsu(m) Plant is a project that empirically analyzes which are the mechanisms that plants use to communicate and how their own biological processes are a manifestation of communication, seemingly intangible to our senses. The project involves the design of a sonor prostheses, based on the principle of biofeedback, a technique that focuses on obtaining data on various physiological functions of organic body, using instruments to obtain information on the operation and cycles of these living systems. The prosthesis transduce biofeedback readings obtained in the process of sound synthesis, thereby producing an abstract voice for plant.

The mobile version is a device designed to generate field explorations, this allows sound to take prints of different plants. This version works with both version you use midi, as a osc version that sends data via a bluetooth allowing them to connectivity with various programs. For now boasts some applications developed on PureData. Originally this version was released to join the Latin American forum in ISEA2012 Albuquerque, also was used to teach the workshop on bio-sensors at MakerSpace of Santiago de Chile.


15. Edema by Rogelio Sosa

Recorded on June 28, 2013, Mexico City. Microphone and processed voice

Rogelio Sosa (Mexico, 1977) is an experimental musician, composer, sound artist and experimental music promoter. His works include instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, improvisation, installations and sound actions. He studied electronic music at the Ateliers UPIC and at IRCAM in Paris between 1999 and 2001. In 2003 obtained a Master in Music and Technology at the University of Paris VIII. His work has been published in Mode Records and Important Records, Sub Rosa and Bocian among others, and presented in more than 50 cities worldwide. He is currently director of the Festival Aural, the prime festival of Mexico City for experimental and alternative multigenre music who has influenced in big manner the perception and taste of the new generations and "fans" of experimental music around Mexico City.


16. Cerca del CCUT [excerpt] by Rolando Hernández & Enrique Maraver

Rolando Hernández, voice & objects. Enrique Maraver, Trumpet, Objects & Electronics.
Recorded in May 2013. Home recording. Near to the CCUT "Centro Cultural Universitario", Tlatelolco, Mexico City.
Original sound source optimized and premastered by Julian Bonequi.

Rolando Hernández (Born in 1993). Guitarist and self taught musician, after leaving school on several occasions, at the age of 16 years old, in 2009 is when he considers his real education started. Hes has played alongside Emilio Gordoa, Misha Marks, Ivan Waller, Chris Cogburn, Rogelio Sosa, Xavier Lopez, Christian Kesten, Phil Niblock, Andrea Neumann, Enrique Maraver, Aimee Theriot, Juan García and TRACTO ensamble and Liminar. He has performed in Austin, Mexico City and Berlin.

Enrique Maraver (Born in 1983). Improvisation & experimentation, intervention in public spaces and phonographist, currently creator and developer of Tlatelolco HiFi Sound Map.


18. Gigante [excerpt] Live @ Tlaçoloni by Alejandro Cachivache Reyes

Guitar, laptop, circuit bends & optical theremin projector. May 23, 2013. Sharing gig with MoE (Norway) and Bonequi (MX, Berlin). A concert night organized by Arte a 360 Grados

Alejandro Cachivache born on December 2, 1971, in Puebla. He received his Bachelor of Music at the "Universidad de Puebla", studying classical guitar with Martín Báez Jiménez and composition with Dr.Gonzalo Macías Andere. He has premiered solo instrumental works, chamber music compositions, symphonies, electronic music, mixed media and multidisciplinary work with the use of new technologies. Winner of support PEDCA 2011.


19. "Red" by Carmina Escobar

A circle | 360 | p=3.1416 | red | approaching
Vocals, birds and skype. Recorded at Valverde, California and Mexico City in 2010.
Special Credits: Fernando Vigueras - sound engineer. ROJO, published as part of the "Ruleta Compilation Suplex 10" of Abolipop Records, Guadalajara

Carmina Escobar (Mexico 1981), vocaltist and artistic director alongside Alexander Bruck and Carlos Iturralde of Liminar Ensamble, an intermedia artist, whose work focuses primarily on her voice, the body, materials, abstraction and narratives processing sound in realtime from organic and inorganic sources.
Also she has developed various projects exploring a wide variety of languages ​​such as sound art, contemporary music, opera, electronic music, improvisation and experimental music that interact with instances pushed into multidisciplinary performance and media.


20. Live @ Jazzorca [excerpt] by Zero Point

"Zero Point comprises 3 free jazz musicians committed and inspired by the musical ideas of Albert Ayler." Henrik Kaldahl [Jazznet]
Germán Bringas, alto and tenor. Founder and promoter of improvised music at Café Jazzorca in Mexico city since 1991.
Itzam Cano, double bass
Gabriel Lauber, drums.
Recorded and mixed by Lauber at Jazzorca. December 21, 2012

In December 2003, Bringas and Lauber meet and start working together, and on the next year, comes with Julio Clavijo: Zero Point.
In the fall of 2005, Julio Clavijo leaves Zero Point and Itzam Cano is invited to collaborate with Zero Point. The year 2006 is decisive for the direction it would take Zero Point, in September ZP recorded what would be his first virtual disk (DL-CD Download Only Release) on Ayler Records, the legendary Swedish label specialized in free jazz and Zero point performed in the Japanese New Music Festival (Tatsuya Yoshida, Makoto Kawabata and Tsuyama Atsushi) organized by Kei Onishi, the Japanese Embassy in Mexico, Jazzorca Records & Dimensional Productions.


21. Live @ Volta [excerpt] by María Lipkau & Alexandra Cárdenas

Recorded at/by VOLTA, Museo Británico Americano, in Mexico City on its first edition [Abril 7, 2011].

VOLTA is an "Improvised Music and Sonic Experimentation" Sessions curated by Juanjosé Rivas. It counts with 19 editions from April 2011 to december 2012, and on the 1st of August is announced the return of one - in our thoughts - of the best experimental series which the "noisy" audience of Mexico City has enjoyed in the last years.

Alexandra Cárdenas, Guitar + Supercollider Programming
Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1976. Studied Composition at Los Andes University. Her work has been played in several concert halls in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Europe, China and India and have also been played by many different soloists and chamber ensembles as Tambuco. Her work "Palíndromos" got an honorific mention at the Third Latin-American Harp Encounter in Venezuela. In 2003 she was granted an Artistic Residence at the "Centro Multimedia" in the CENART (National Center for the Arts), in Mexico City, where she lived since 2001. Resident artist at Tokyo Wonder Site in 2012. Since 2008 she works with SuperCollider, programming and improvising music. She was constantly creating projects at the Centro Multimedia in CENART, with the support of Robotics and Audio Workshops. Her work focuses on experimentation using live electronics, improvisation, creation of controllers and interfaces and livecoding. Currently studies at Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK).

María Lipkau began studying cello when she was seven years in the "Conjunto Cultural Ollin Yoliztly". She took advanced courses and master classes with teachers such as Stephan Popov, Richard Markson, Tanya Anisimova and Manfred Kraemer... and in the field of contemporary music and improvisation with Judith Mitchell, Dimos Goudarolis, Fred Frith, the Arditti Quartet and the Recherche Ensemble. Her interests range from early music performance under historical criteria, to composers of our century. She has been soloist with the Symphony Orchestra Carlos Chavez and has played in the Chamber Orchestra of Morelos (winner of the European Community to the Arts), the Quartet Cuauhnáhuac and the "Ensamble Xicamiti" (focused on playing music and spreading mainly young composers).
Performing at the Tenth Biennial of radio with the work of Julio Estrada and on the VII and VIII editions of contemporary music festival RADAR with Huey Mecatl and with "La Orquesta Silenciosa" respectively.
She is one of the most active female improvisers of Mexico and has collaborated with artists such as Germán Bringas, Chris Cogburn, Arthur Henry Fork, Bonnie Jones, Bhob Rainey...


22. Michio by Molloy + Bike

Eduardo Padilla ( León, Mexico) is a mexican writer/poet, folk and electroacoustic artist making and releasing music since 2006 under the mexican label Umor Rex.

"I sometimes enjoy fooling around with guitars and computers, and that's where Molloy + Bike comes from.
Other important projects I had: 'Hawai en Marte' with Arturo Ortega"










Promotional compilation & selected material edited & curated by Julian Bonequi.

We want to give special thanks to all the artists involved for their support, and to the labels, curators and associate collectives who trust in the project.

Thanks to Licuadora Records, A.M.P-RECS & Suplex-Abolipop in Guadalajara; Gargantúa Espacio Cultural & Impro Sessions in Monterrey; Tlaçoloni & Arte a 360 Grados in Tlaxcala; Jazzorca, Volta, Los Grises, Cineteca Nacional & Festival Aural in Mexico City; Nathan James in NYC; and in Europe to Urban Arts Berlin, MS-Stubnitz Hamburg & Instants Chavirés Montreuil.

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