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OWL & MACK | In Memory of Jason Molina

Release date: 12.06.13
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"Owl & Mack is a solo song project, preferably with guest-musicians.
Owl – a nocturnal bird of prey, known for it’s sense of depth perception necessary for low-light hunting.
Mack- the great truck manufacturing company, known for making trucks with incredible durability.
Owl & Mack – a band born out of love for Chicago Blues, alt-country, free-folk-singer-songwriting, cryptical-obscure dark-vamp-based jazz, minimal Drone music, nocturnal birds of prey and incredibly robust and durable trucks, with a line up that varies from solo to large bands.


Guest musicians have included: Loves It! (Jenny Parrott, Vaughn Walter, Kurt Johnson), Martin Siewert, Rico Repotente, Derek Shirley, Steve Heather, Hilary Jeffrey, Daniella Strasvogel, Bo Lie and Tom Meadowcroft."

"Jason Molina was one of my musical heroes. I started my song project Owl & Mack inspired by him and his various outlets - Songs Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co., solo stuff. Unfortunately I never met Jason Molina, even though he lived in Chicago. He died at the age of 39 (booze...)."




"I was born in London UK in 1974. I started playing music at a very early age (4 or 5) and was always supported by my family to keep going. My family moved to Vienna (my parents are Viennese) when I was 10. Since 1999 on I spend 3-4 months a year in Chicago. 2003 I moved to Berlin."

Boris Hauf is a multi instrumentalist, composer and performer. Hauf plays saxophones, flutes, synths, organ, various computer-based applications, cymbals, bells, rudimentary guitar and sings. He composes for large and small ensembles, performance artists, film, radio, soloists, video and installation art. Since 1999 Boris Hauf visits Chicago regularly and has established a very close relationship with local musicians. He initiates, curates little fine festivals and concert series in Chicago and Berlin. He lectures at the Art University in Berlin and various Art-Institutes. Hauf tours worldwide in a variety of bands, ensembles as well as in various performative contexts and if necessary as a solo artist. Boris Hauf lives in Berlin, Germany. Current projects include efzeg, Owl & Mack, Postmarks, The Understated Brown (aka TUB), Severe Moral Purity, Next Delusion, Proxemics.

THOMAS MEADOWCROFT is an Australian freelance composer and musician living in Berlin, where he has been based since 1998. His music has been described as 'reaching an inexpressible purity' (Le Monde), 'nerve torture' (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and 'dreamy post-rock' (New York Times).

STEVE HEATHER is one of Australia’s foremost performers in improvised music and structured sound.” (Ross Haseldine, Roadhouse Press). Since 1994 Steven Heather has been performing and recording as a musician regularly in Australia, Europe, America and Asia.


Which sensations do you expect in the audience?

I'm kinda over the provoking stage. I've been doing this sax/song/solo tribute thing for a bit now (Levon Helm was another one - . I like dedicating a performance or a piece of music to someone (alive or dead, i guess…). It allows an extra-musical context and access to the piece. I like that.


The concepts behind your sound:

My primary interest in music has always been to work on the relationship form, structure and material. In that order. Luckily I have quite a wide range of musical interest so there's a lot of potential information and experience I can draw from.


Other projects you share with your guest musicians for this performance:

Tom, Steve and I are in a band called TUB (The Understated Brown). We're on hiatus right now. It's complicated.... ;)


About your relation with the music and art of Jason Molina? Some recommendations:

As I mentioned above - he was a major influence in getting me started in writing and performing songs as such. I connect strongly with his sense of melody, harmony, tempo (all his songs are slow, or slower...), his simple chord progressions and his beautifully fragile voice. His entire catalogue is worth paying attention to. You can get most of his stuff from the Bloomington Indiana based label Secretly Canadian.

A great documentary of Magnolia Electric Company, "Recording Josephine" here: at Electric Audio (Chicago, Steve Albini).
And a beautifully dark and wet film by Todd Chandler of them touring Canada here: the-road-becomes-what-you-leave


Your site is hosted at How did you meet dieb13?

I met dieb13 in 1999 and asked him to join efzeg. For those who don't know efzeg.

"1999: After a 3 month stay in Chicago, Illinois, Boris Hauf was in search for a new sound for his (till then) project-based musical outlet ‘efzeg’. He invited Burkhard Stangl, Martin Siewert and dieb13 to play a concert/recording session within a series of ‘house concerts’ he was hosting in his living room in Vienna, Austria. The 4 met that afternoon for the first time ever in a musical context. They set up microphones and an 8 track recording machine and hit record: a fixed line up had crystallized out of that session and efzeg was no longer a project based ensemble. Shortly thereafter Billy Roisz joined the four musicians using their audio as input for her analog visual feedback projections. From their first album on (grain – durian 2000) efzeg was “at the cutting-edge of the European avant-garde music.” (

From 1999 – 2005 efzeg released 4 full length albums, various music for video, compilations and a full length vinyl on high profile labels such as durian, charhizma, grob, hathut, en/of, staalplaat and others. Billy Roisz’ videos were an essential part of the many live shows the band played and were also represented on most CDs they released. It’s hard to find an ensemble with such a vast and consistently well received and highly praised output in such a short period of time. Even after a break up in 2005 efzeg was still productive releasing tracks on various compilations (Selsi 2008, Venusmond Part 4)."



Boris Hauf, 28th May 2013, Berlin.





In Memory of Jason Molina




In Memory of Jason Molina [1973-2013]

Boris Hauf, baritone Sax, vocals
Tom Meadowcroft, casio organ, harmony vocals
Steve Heather, backbeat bag, harmony vocals

Recorded by KuLe, Labor Sonor, Berlin, April 15, 2013. Mastered by Boris Hauf. Picture by Patrick Pagel. Design by Aniana Heras. Special thanks to KuLe, Tom, Steve & to Jason Molina. "... This is for him."