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ROOM 8 | Warschauer Str. 58a

Release date: 04.12.12
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MadamaskS is a guitar/drums duo based in Berlin, we're working together since june 2011.

Thiébault Imm: I started playing the guitar as an autodidact at the age of 12 years old, after spending years of playing in different rock oriented bands, my encounter with the world of non idiomatic improvisation made me rethink the way an electric guitar should ring.

Anatole Petit: I began playing drums at the age of 7. Coming from a family of musicians, I bathe in the jazz and free jazz since my youth. But soon attracted by the rock intensity and improvised music. I like to switch between different styles of drumming.



After spending four years together studying improvised music at the Conservatory of Strasbourg (France), we moved together to Berlin in november 2011 in order to get involved with the Berlin experimental music scene. Since then, we're active in giving concerts, composing, recording and creating links with all the people involved in the experimental and avant-garde scene, no matter what discipline.



Our conception about music can be defined by four basics elements, "the timbre", "the duration", "the intensity" and "the height". Once these elements are combined with each other, we expect to expose the human brain to an abstract fear, mental confusion, musical schizophrenia and sound paranoïa!



We're based in Berlin since november 2011.



Our influences are any kind of artistic form who includes a research in a surrealistic or abstract way of expression.


Do you think that the experimental and noise music scene is changing?

Yeah, we think that the experimental and noise music scene is changing a lot during the last years and in a good way! More and more people get involved in this discipline, there are also a lot ( but never enough ) of exchanges and links who are created between those artists and different other artistic fields. We can feel a grow of interest for this experimental-noise music scene, especially here in Berlin.


French bands people have to listen:

Body Parts (Nick Didkovsky - Guigoux Chenevier)
Jean-Louis Costes
Reaction Power Trio
Le singe blanc
Tristan Murail
Marc Ducret
Noel Akchoté
Erik M


Describe the sound of MadamaskS?

The music of MadamaskS creates connections between post rock, unbridled improvisations and avant-garde music. We produce a high acoustic density, where the sometimes complex compositions combines work of craftmanship and brutal energy.


How rock music impact in your life?

Thiébault : Elvis Presley changed my life !!!

Anatole : That's why I like meat offal !


Why to become a musician?

Thiébault : There's not one reason in particular, I think it's the all process itself of evolution during the years playing my instrument who brought me to become what I am today. Of course when you start to interest your self in free music and also on contemporary stuff, then automatically you'll feel attired by this world where everything can be possible. Then suddenly, all the rest can sometimes sound really boring…

Anatole : Since I'm a child, I'm interested by all kind of artistic expressions in particular the strangest. When I was 12, I discovered Mr Bungle. It was a big bang in my life! When I was 15, it was the turn of Arnold Schoenberg, Igor Stravinsky and the surrealist art movement to make me BOOM ! Since then, I'm in constant quest of sounds, rhythms and I love to combine them together even if they are radically opposite.


Advantages and disadvantages of independent venues?

Without this kind of spaces, it would be almost impossible for our kind of music to be listen to. We can always wish for more collaboration between those different independent curatorial spaces.


Future challenges and interests in sound?

Touring, composing new material and try to develop the concept of guitar and drums duo.


Some cool sites and links you want to recommend.



MadamaskS, 16th October 2012, Berlin





[ar078] MADAMASKS | ROOM 8




Thiébault Imm, electric guitar
Anatole Petit, drums

Recorded at Room 8, Warschauer Str. 58a, Berlin. 25-28 september 2012. Recorded and mixed by MadamaskS. Picture by Clémence Lacheny. Design by Aniana Heras.