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Live at NK | 2011 Berlin

Release date: 19.06.12
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Currently, Jon Evans, John Murphy and Julian Percy, with the occasional collaboration of Ash Wednesday.

Jon Evans has been in too many bands since the early 80s. (The Unconscious Collective, T4 ((, The Nasty Party ((, The Festival Of Light, The Methylated Spirits)

John Murphy has been in every band since the early 80s. (SPK, Whitehouse, Current 93, The Associates, NWW, Krank, Knifeladder) (hyperlinks easily found...)

Julian Percy has been a member of a variety of bands in Australia and Europe (Kind Winds, Lance Rock)



Jon Evans: I started working with Dominik Guerin (Tone Generator from SPK) in 1989-1990, when we found ourselves to be neighbors in 2 squatted houses in Sydney. The beginnings were modest enough (the houses had no water, so there was a lot of shitting in plastic bags, etcetera) but we had a pretty good array of synthesizers, drum machines, effects and tape recorders Initially it was just the both of us, occasionally joined by Guy Madden (currently of Mudhoney) and Mark Morte (of Bestianity).

The initial name of the project was Merge, but this was ultimately rejected as being too blank and non-resonant. The opportunity arose to move together to a large house with a cellar that provided a perfect studio space, and that’s when things really started coming together. John Murphy had returned from England and was spending quite a lot of time on our sofa, and as he and Dominik were old chums since the SPK days, and has always had a love of such music, he naturally became involved. Dominik borrowed his brother’s 8-track reel-to-reel and recording began in earnest in late 1991-early 1992. I recorded some rough mix-downs for John and left in May 1992 for Berlin, where I started a variety of new music projects.

I never thought I would hear those recordings again. In or around 2001 or 2002, John told Klaus Hilger of Tesco records about the project; he professed an interest and so John dug up his somewhat shabby cassette copy... which was remastered (in so far as possible) and eventually released on Tesco as "The Tyranny Of Distance". Lines of communication not being as developed in those days, I only became aware of the release by reading about it on the Internet (!)...

The next development happened in 2008, when John was denied re-entry to Britain on a technicality and moved to Berlin, staying with myself and friends. We decided to revive the project as there was some interest being shown by various people and debuted Last Dominion Lost "Mark 2" at Stefan Schvanke's "Berlin Bruit" festival in 2008. Since then, things have followed on organically...


Conception and sensations:

I think we can all agree that the sensations we wish to evoke with LDL would be fear, a sense of wonder and desperation, and various alien atmospheres. As a post-Industrial band, we hope not to sound too much like any other bands playing in the field.



Jon Evans: since 1992
Julian Percy: since 2001
John Murphy: since 2008


Experimental scene changes:

In our opinion, the scene for such music in Berlin has exploded in the last 10 years. Back in the 90s, the scene was pretty much dominated by Techno and various British acts like Aphex Twin, Chemical Brothers, etcetera. Improvised music tended to remain in the Post-Jazz and academic scenes, which were confined to two or three venues. Now we face a plethora of venues of various sizes and the acceptance of this kind of music has become pretty much programmatic. This is of course a good thing, but it does seem that everyone and their dog wants to be a radical avant-musician these days... with both positive and negative consequences, of course.


AUSTRALIAN bands we have to listen:

From the 60s: The Black Diamonds, The Easybeats, The Missing Links, The Masters Apprentices, The Throb
The 70s: Cybotron, Free Kata, Radio Birdman, The Victims, SPK, Voight 465, The News, Nuvo Bloc, The Fucking Leftovers
The 80s: Whilywirld, Hugo Klang, Negative Reaction, Go Home to Your Precious Wife and Son, Thug, Lubricated Goat, The Scientists, Beasts of Burden, Bloodloss... starting to get tired now, there were a hundred great bands from those days! Not to mention the stuff brought out on Extreme records and Ülex Xane's Zero Cabal label...


Radical & propositive projects in the present days:

All the bands involved on Justice Yeldham's Dual Plover label, some of the projects featuring Oren Ambarchi, and a slew of Post-Death Metal and Sun-O))) influenced bands.


In a few words, how to describe the sounds of Last Dominion Lost?

Negative, Eerie, Transcendence through Despair, Beauty in the unexpected.


Why to do music? Do you work with pre-composed material?

I think we all had no choice other than to become musicians. A lack of aptitude and interest in the world of banking, business, public relations and handicrafts probably contributed as well...

Jon Evans: Speaking for myself and John, we’ve been trying for noise and beyond since the early 80s (I met John in 1983-84 when we played the same stage at a proto noise/industrial festival). John in particular has shown a great consistency in his music... many of his earlier industrial pieces sound like some of the stuff he produces in his solo projects and LDL, although the technology is completely different! Julian come up through Industrial Rock like Big Black and collided with stuff like This Heat... bands that have influenced us, of course.

In terms of pre-composed music, there is a little of that... skeletal structures and certain sounds. In the 80s, it was quite usual to use a tape-recorder as part of the music on stage, especially if you weren't a "rock" band... but suffice to say, we are not Milli Vanilli miming to backing tapes!


The impact of Noise music in your life:

Jon Evans: I can say it made me relatively unpopular and to be regarded as a "queer fish" for many years in the 70s, 80s and 90s... of course, now every hipster wants to be a noise musician, it has become quite a cool and attractive option, but it was a labour of love to work in this field in those days!




Last Dominion Lost, 18th June 2012 Berlin





Live at NK | 2011 Berlin




KALYUG FESTIVAL 2011 (unmastered files)

Julian Percy, guitar electronics.
Jon Evans, synthesiser, electronic rhythms and samples, vocals.
John Murphy, rhythms, electronics, treatments and live sampling.

Recorded live at NK, Kalyug Festival on 7th october 2011.
Recorded by Julian Percy. Selected material by Julian Bonequi.
Special thanks to NK, Kalyug Festival, and Last Dominion Lost.
Picture by Laura Fu.sato. Design by Aniana Heras.