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Release date: 25.01.12
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History, concept and creative process of LOUP


LOUP started in early june 2010. This duo was born to play with Rangda (Chris Corsano, Ben Chasny and Sir Richard Bishop) at Grnd Zero in Lyon on june 8th 2010. I (Sheik Anorak) was supposed to improvised with other musicians from Grnd Zero as an opening for Rangda, but instead I asked Clement to start a new improv/free jazz duo. And then LOUP was born.

Clement Edouard comes from Jazz. He learned Jazz at ENM in France ans was graduated there. He then tried to unlearned the rules of jazz to make his own personal music through his use of alto sax and electronic devices. He plays in bands like IRèNE, Lunatic Toys, AM-PM.... and of course LOUP.

"I (Sheik Anorak) come from the rock/noise scene. Self-taught musician (guitar and drums), I then discovered free jazz and improvised music, met musicians from that sphere and developed my own label (Gaffer Records - and network with people such as MoHa!, Mats Gustafsson, Weasel Walter, Mario Rechtern... I also play with loads of bands such as Kandinsky, Neige Morte, Immortel, Anorak/Walter/Rechtern trio, Kanine...

LOUP can be considered as an avant-garde free jazz duo. The meeting of jazz background (Clement Edouard) and noise (Sheik Anorak). LOUP is beyond jazz and beyond noise, something like a link between comtemporary music, free jazz and art....something like"comtemporary art/jazz".

LOUP is always improvised in studio and then we work on these improvisations to extract the core of it and make a "song" out of the main ideas. Our performances are circa. 60% improvised/ 40% written.


Performers vs improvised music ensemble:


As single performers we just try to express ourselves through our music. But I guess every musician would answer the same thing, right?
As LOUP, the searching is more focused on an artistic expression of sound duality : Acoustic Vs. Electronic. And how to make those 2 types of sounds cohabited in the same ensemble. That's why I use an acoustic drums kit + real time trigger devices generated by a computer. Clement uses his ato sax + electronic devices that modify the sound of the sax via a dynamic microphone.

We have the same approach regarding improvisation. It is a good tool of you use it the right way. That's why LOUP is not "totally" improvised. An idea is always discussed... but just an idea, the rest is free will. And that is important, "improvisation is free will"... the will to express - or not - your emotions, feelings and see how music can render it. Improvisation is important for LOUP, this is how and why we started this duo.


Why to become a musician or an improviser?


We don't remember why we wanted to become musicians, we were too young then...
We do know why we do it now though. It is one of the most beautiful things : to be able to freely express yourself and get people to listen to it and discuss it.
We surely fell into improvisation because it gives an incredible feeling of liberty and it seems like there's no boundaries.

Maybe to be able to create an even more interesting and challenging music...



We both live in Lyon, France. You should check those venues :
Le Periscope -
Grrrnd Zero -
Le Sonic -
and the record/ book store called "Buffet Froid" (no webpage yet).

These are the best places in Lyon, musicians and small structures there are somehow struggling to survive.
Those 4 places need to be supported!

Thanks to Audition and see you soon!



Clement Edouard & Sheik Anorak for LOUP, January 2012





[ar060] LOUP | The Opening




Clement Edouard, sax & electronics
Sheik Anorak, drums & electronics

Recorded @ Studio Polycarpe in Lyon 69001 on November 2011. Recorded, mixed and mastered by LOUP. Picture by Hazam Modoff. Design by Aniana Heras.