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Radical Poland IV | 2005-2011 Krakov
Release date: 27.12.11
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Read more about the History of Audio Tong in the interview with Marcin Barski :: document [ar054]


AudioTong' Recommendations:


"After two compilations of some of the most interesting Polish music given away with The Wire magazine to their subscribers and after the last year's mini festival at London's Cafe OTO, the EMFP project heads on tour this year throughout Europe and even further - to Japan. The EMFP project is funded by Adam Mickiewicz Institute and is being promoted by"


FAUST "Od Serca Do Duszy. Live In Krakow". Track name: Sex.
"This double CD set catches legendary German experimental rock outfit Faust's debut concert in Poland, from Krakow's Loch Ness Club, on the 15th November 2006."


Various Artists - "EASTERNDAZE". An Exploration of Up-And-Coming Eastern European Music.
"...a selection of tracks by musicians encountered during explorations of the Eastern European sonic underground from May until October 2010. From Bucharest to Gdansk, from Kosice to Prague, this is a reflection of the region's current sounds. For more information about EasternDaze and updates about the music scene from the former Eastern Bloc check out"


"Insular Dwarfism", track name: Trepanning for dummies
Paweł Dziadur (electronics: wave_attack improvisation software, laptop, synthesiser, controllers, feedback loop, miking) Sławomir Maler (tenor and alto saxophone), Philip Palmer (alto saxophone, found objects). Recorded in the ex-Miraculum S.A. Factory space, recently home to Fabryka Club in Krakow, Poland.


" Niedokończone Książk", track name: Modlitwa
"Niedokończone Książki" ("Unfinished Books") is a second album by a duo of Wojtek Jachna (on trumpet and electronics) and Jacek Buhl (on drums).


"MUZYKOTERAPIA: Scena Krakowska ", Nucleon, track name: Missing Brain
Nucleon: Aleksander Papierz (saxophones), Michal Dymny (guitar), Tomek Gluc (handsonic, sampler, groovebox), Jakub Rutkowski (drums), Andrzej Sawik (piano)





01.Dawid Szczesny
Stapes VI [tng1009], Stapes VI-VII EP

"These pieces are continuation of a project started on an EP for (1.8)sec-records. They are all never-ending loops, created to be played live, with different timing, in different configurations.
Each of them might be listened either as a never ending loop or a finished piece itself. The whole idea of using long, apparently simple loops, is to make a listener perceive each sound's repeatability and principle, which is different at every performance, depending - in some way - on accident."

02. Zenial, Banabila
Flashback [tng1040], Signals from Krakrot

"Signals from Krakrot is an effect of a collaboration between Krakow-based sound artist Zenial and Michel Banabila, a composer living in Rotterdam... The album has been recorded with the use of old analogue electronic instruments which had a huge impact on how the tracks sound here. Very moody, athmospheric release, definitely worth checking."

03.Tetsuo Furudate
Time And Music, [tng3003], live in krakow

"Legendary Japanese audio artist Tetsuo Furudate performed live in klub Re in Krakow on June 1st., 2005. Two days later the audience at Krakow's Academy of Music could listen to his lecture entitled "Time and Music".

04.Genetic Transmission
Untitled [tng1666], Radical Poland I

"From Tomasz Twardawa's structured and industrial-like untitled piece to Mantichora's wall of sound, from Palsecam's yelling and howling to Scordatura's harsh noise, from XV Parowek's scary and frightful "Wild Dwarves" to Noisense's chaos and destruction - we've got everything you might need to celebrate a day like today (June 6th, 2006 - 6.6.06 for those who haven't noticed yet). The mighty powers of six most radical Polish noise artists came to meet in one place, the Radical Poland Compilation is here waiting for you."

Fuck Poland [tng1667], Radical Poland 2

"Remember highly succesful Radical Poland compilation? On a significant date of 6.06.06 we have presented 6 works by 6 most noisy Polish artists - well, at least we've thought they were the most noisy. Meanwhile we found some new ones at least as good and as loud as the previous ones and prepared the second part of this radical compilation. Precisely 666 days after the release of the first part, on quite significant (even if for different reasons) date of April 2nd, 2008, here it is - Radical Poland 2!"

Counting Explosions [tng1666], Radical Poland I

07.Arszyn, Bunio
Prelude [[tng1004]], Z Werszkow Pierwszy. remixes +

Krzysztof Topolski (aka Arszyn) is a Polish drummer and audio artist. In recent years he has collaborated with some most interesting musicians and experimental bands such as Emiter, Ludzie, Kobiety, m.bunio.s, Mikolaj Trzaska and many more. He has also released couple of solo albums. "Z werszkow pierwszy" was his solo debut album and was released in 2002. Right after that Arszyn asked some of his friends musicians to reinterpretate or remix this material."

1. niepokoj [tng1008], Tajne Przejscia

" example of how Olaf Nowaczyk’s idea of “pure sound” is realized. Or actually was, as these recordings come from 2002. Nowaczyk states that his works are not inspired by Stockhausen or Cage-like gurus, but come from his audiophile fondness for “pure sound”. In this case “pure” means “stripped of whole this cosmetic trash”."

09.Tomasz Bednarczyk
Tender [tng1014], So Nice EP

"Tomasz Bednarczyk was born in 1986 and currently lives in Polish city of Wroclaw. His music is nice, delightful and harmonic in click'n'cut style. "So Nice" is an EP consisting of four stories about positive emotions and things that accompany them in life."

10.Patryk Lichota, Piotr Tkacz
Who Did This? (excerpt) [tng1050], Some Other Time

"Patryk Lichota (saxophone with preparations) and Piotr Tkacz (turntable + objects) are improvisers living in Poznan, Poland. They play together since August 2007, pieces on this album were recorded during one session in December 2008."

11.Moljebka Pvlse
Live in Krakow (excerpt) [tng3014]

"On April 15th, 2008, Krakow's Caryca club has been visited by tens of people who came to see a live performances by Lukatoyboy from Belgrade, Kotra from Kiev and by Swedish duo Moljebka Pvlse. Moljebka's set started with quiet field recordings and slowly evolved into drony and noisy wall of sound, hypnothising with its stillness and calmness."

2 [tng1027]

"PROCESS- Laboratory of Intuition is an ensemble of improvisers founded by Rafal Mazur in 2004. In addition to artistic activity, members are engaged in a theoretical investigation of intuitive improvisation, particularly focusing on the problem of ensemble activity. The sound of PROCESS is a mix of free jazz, club electronica and contemporary electroacoustic music. Attila Dóra comes from Budapest, Hungary. He studied philosophy and maths. Attila plays alt and tenor saxophones, prepared trumpet, he's also teaching at Contemporary Dance Academy in Budapest.
The musicians involved in this recording are: Rafal Mazur (bass), Rafal Drewniany (laptop), Michal Dymny (e-guitar) and Attila Dóra (sax)."

13.Tetsuo Furudate
Live in Krakow (excerpt) [tng3003]

Live in Lublin (excerpt) [tng3001]

Zendee is a project created by Polish sound designer Zenial and experimental audio artist DJ Dee from Hong Kong, known from his albums released by Tzadik Records (as Li Chin Sung) and Noise Asia label. They met during DJ Dee’s stay in Poland and performed together three times – in Warsaw, Lublin and Poznan, in June 2004. AudioTong presents here the audio recording of their second concert."

15.Tomasz Szatewicz(Poland) aka Subradial "Radial Pollution"
Radial Pollution [tng1051], APTEK Compilation

"Zenial, the author of this compilation, has been doing his research in the East (or post-Soviet countries) for quite a long time and some of his discoveries are real treasures. Experimental music from countries like Moldova, Macedonia, Uzbekhistan, etc... The tracks on the album come from such forgotten lands (at least music-wise) but also from places closer to the main circulation of sound art (like Poland or Russia)."

Live in Inowlodz [tng3002]

"KO-ON-TEN is a unit of Yukino Nono, a dancer, and Yoichiro Kita, a musician using an original DJ soft "Ninja Jockey" and effect trumpet. He is also a member of Shibusashirazu Orchestra. They performed in Gdansk, Warsaw, Sanok and in Inowłódź (Poland) during the "Music in a Landscape" festival in July 2005. "





[ar055] AUDIO TONG




Audio Tong [2005-2011] was curated by Lukasz Szalankiewicz aka Zenial and Marcin Barski. Promotional compilation curated by Julian Bonequi.

Cover Image, Pawel Dziadur of DM&P Trio. Image shared by Audio Tong archives. Design by Aniana Heras.
Special thanks to Dawid Szczesny,Banabila, Tetsuo Furudate, Genetic Transmission, Retro, Scordatura, Arszyn (Krzysztof Topolski), Bunio, Nuoh (Olaf Nowaczyk), Tomasz Bednarczyk, Patryk Lichota, Piotr Tkacz, Moljebka Pvlse, Rafal Mazur, Rafal Drewniany, Michal Dymny, Attila Dóra, Zendee, Subradial, Ko-On-Ten (Yukino Nono and Yoichiro Kita), Zenial & Marcin Barski.

Each track in this document has the credit of the artists.