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JAPAN 2011
Release date: 26.11.11
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Curated by Seiji Morimoto
Artists: Satoshi Yashiro | Tetsuya Umeda | Tomoko Sauvage | Keitetsu Murai | Minoru Sato


In 2003, Yashiro began to exhibit and perform using homemade equipment, including a sub-woofer system on remote controlled wheels. During this same time he opened with his friends the performance space Yahiro HIGHTI ( using a converted factory in Tokyo's Sumida district. Yashiro performs in the band Motallica with the drummer Keiichi Nakano, and has participated in exhibitions such as Great (Baikado, Osaka, 2011) and Extended Senses (Gallery Loop, Korea, 2011)

Track title: Live at YEMM

System: RICOH My Teacher E-200, Homemade devices.
A performance incorporating equipment used in his installations, including a vintage RICOH My Teacher E-200 magnetic recording educational aid, and homemade motor-driven devices.
Recording data: Live at Yamagata Experimental Music Meeting (organized by CherryMusic)
October 8th 2011 at Yamagata Mono School, Yamagata/Japan


Tetsuya Umeda gets ideas for his works from the environment and the circumstances surrounding the exhibition space. Even spaces that at first glance seem to be nothing special, can turn out to have countless characteristics found in the space above the ceiling, or in a space behind the wall, in the position of lightning systems and their structures, the wall-material, the construction of the building, etc. It is from such dialogue with a specific space that Umeda creates his work. He often works in spaces not normally used for exhibitions and makes use of found objects like daily tools and waste scraps in elaborate systems of cause-and-effect relationships. Powered by gravity, wind, centrifugal force or falling objects, Umeda’s work keeps the situation unstable and unpredictable. Umeda lives and works in Osaka.

Track title: Baseball

System: Ballons, Plastic bat
Large floating balloons, with glass beads inside, are struck by a toy bat. A small hole in the hollow plastic bat creates additional sounds each time it swings.
Recording data: July 15th 2011 at KAVC HALL, Kobe/Japan
Recorded by Takeshi Azuma


Born in Yokohama, Japan, she grew up with classical then jazz piano education. Fascinated by the fluid sound of water she heard on an Indian traditional instrument, she has been working on a self-developed 'electro-aquatic' instrument, "waterbowls", porcelain bowls filled with water, hydrophones and electronics. She literally plays with water by touching and agitating it or by making water drops fall into the bowls. She has made performances internationally and her works have been released on labels such as either/OAR (US) and dokidoki editions (FR). She uses H2a-XLR hydrophones made by Aquarian Audio Products.

Track title: Waterbowls

System: Porcelain Bowls x7, Water, Hydrophones x7
This performance was made during Sauvage's residency at La Pommerie, in the region of Limousin in France. The residency was programmed in collaboration with CRAFT, a well-known ceramic research center in Limoges with the purpose of fabrication of a new set of porcelain bowls in various sizes. At La Pommerie, Sauvage worked with the new bowls especially in using feedback with hydrophones and loud speakers. Feedback occurs with each bowl tuned on certain frequencies depending on the quantity of water. The frequencies that each bowl produces interacts with each other in creating and reacting to natural overtones. In this performance, she uses water drops constantly and randomly falling into bowls.
Recording data: August 28th 2011 at La Pommerie, Saint-Setiers/France


Sound Performer / Artist. born on June 28th, 1962 in Tokyo/Japan.

Track title: Variant 20111021

System: Modified Morse telegraph key, Homemade passive electronic device, Pre amplifier, Yamaha REX50, Audio mixer
A Morse telegraph key, modified to react to the slightest trembling of the performers hand, engages an unstable oscillating system with a digital reverb.
Recording data: October 21st 2011
at GENDAI HEIGHTS, Tokyo/Japan


In 1989, he started activities under the name "m/s". he established a label called "WrK" for creative activities in 1994, and had been running the label until 2006. he has an interest in a relationship between a description of nature and an art representation, and he is creating art works per physical phenomena and various concepts under the name 'm/s'. His research and creative activities are explored in the form of installations, multiples, performances and written text. In addition, he is producing sound works under solo project named SASW, collaboration with ASUNA, band 'IL GRANDE SILENZIO' and 'f u r'. he is attempting these sound works to orient toward music. Besides he is organizing contemporary art exhibitions and various events as curator.

Track title: Live at instrumentalize

System: NRF Amplification system, Guitar, Motor control system
"A closed space such as a room or a vessel has a specific sound according to the material it is made of and its geometric form. This sound is called Natural Resonant Frequencies. I'm using several tubes as same geometric chambers. I then transport the sound from one of the chambers to another, over and over again. As a result, the natural resonant frequencies are emphasized. When the sound is returned to the first one -i.e. making systematic feedback, only the stable frequencies resound. When the sound returns through the air, the complex feedback occurs. This means the feedback reacts on various factors, for instance a relation between loudness on each chambers, a locational relation between audiences and chambers and so on. My compositions are derived from these factors."
Recording as document of live performance at instrumentalize in Sendai. September 3rd 2011 at Gallery Chifuriguri, Sendai/Japan.









Compilation curated by Seiji Morimoto

Special thanks to all the artists involved and Jamie Drouin. Picture by Haruko Miura. Design by Aniana Heras

Satoshi Yashiro
Tetsuya Umeda
Tomoko Sauvage
Keitetsu (Hironori) Murai