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Release date: 24.10.11
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Darío Bernal Villegas. Drummer, improviser and composer from Mexico City, interested in the relation between composition and improvisation from the interaction between composer and performer and the interaction between the performer and the space.

As an improviser, he has collaborated with Wade Matthews, Raul Tudón, Roger Redgate, Eddie Prèvost, Sebastian Lexer, Thanos Chrysakis, Wilfrido Terrazas, Alexander Bruck and Artur Vidal.
He is an active member of the Mexican improvising collective Generación Espontánea, the free jazz trio Rolling Eye and the improvising ensembles Arto Ensamble and Tom Corona & his Coming Burgers.

Along with improviser Ramon del Buey, he coordinates the "Marvelous Transatlantic Improvisation Project", an on-line exchange between 12 Mexican and European improvisers.


The music:

"This first solo album was created with no specific idea, besides improvise a series of pieces for solo drumset. It was played mostly just producing a sound and see where it takes the music, like a pencil stroke in a drawing. It’s played in that border between the traditional way of playing the drumset and the experimental one, where the pulse is somewhere there, but you can’t spot it precisely.

I’m always looking for a new sound that could come out from the drums, and it’s extremely exciting when you find it in the middle of a piece and you have to deal with the unknown to make music. Also, it’s the first time I’m using electronic devices, like the case of the Erizo Drum and the radio. I always try to play with a least one element I don’t know anything about it and how exactly it sounds. "


Darío Bernal


by Wilfrido Terrazas


I dreamed of drums. They could sing. They could sing music so unique, so compelling, that it had to be produced somewhere far from here, a place unbeknownst to my conscious self. East-bound, I flew. I dreamed then about a palace. A sound palace which floated in the air. A Sultan’s palace.

Few things can a humble musician really recall from his modest and mild-mannered life. Our stories are nothing but the fortunate collection of the people we’ve played with. The moments of musical connection we’ve shared with them. The whirlwinds of acoustical forces we’ve produced with them. A musician lives to participate in the uprising of legends, of myths.

A musician lives to engage in beautiful collective dreams we call music. I’ve seen that with my own very eyes. These rolling eyes which will not be eaten by worms. They have witnessed history. I’ve listened. And now, I know.

So does Darío. Here we have his first solo album. Now it is your turn to listen. And, as we have, understand what the Sultan bids from you. Listen. Hear the drums sing. Hear the cymbals screech. Hear the radio groove. Recognize the hum of the hedgehog. Join the choir.

This album presents itself to us in the manner of a call. It is the call of our Lord and Master. It is the call of sound. Dwell in it, and rejoice.


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Darío Bernal Villegas, drums, erizo drum, radio & objects.

Recorded by Ramón del Buey at Palacio de Asturias. 14th August 2011. Mixed and mastered by Ramón del Buey and Darío Bernal.
Picture by chrlz and gabriel l.v. Design by Aniana Heras.

Dedicated to R.B.M. and V.D.B.