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Release date: 26.09.11
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Discordian Records is in fact a recording studio. It was recently created in march 2011 as a platform for exchange between musicians from Barcelona and abroad. There are no restrictions on genre or style so you can hear powerful ensembles as Bruitage with Pablo Rega, Tom Chant & Javier Carmona ,or their quartet with Chefa Alonso & Barbara Meyer as guests; to jump then into a noise fusion with broken rhythms with Avelino Saavedra, El Pricto, Don Malfon, Martin Del Litto... in Reptilian Mambo. Slaughterhouse-Five where Tom Chant and Javier Carmona performed with Agustí Martínez, Miguel Serna & Xavier Díaz Herrera. And many other quite different projects where the musicians of Outerzone are continuosly involved.


There are some projects that are not related to improvisation or the kind of experimentation we document in Audition... but for sure, this recording studio & new netlabel is working hard.


About Outerzone: "These tracks are part of an ongoing project based on William Burroughs´s short story "Ah Pook Is Here". The whole album will consist of 9 pieces, each piece will be named after a different mayan apocaliptic deity. The album will be completed on 2012 (if the mayan prophecy doesn't catch us before). The music is all composed with a system developed by El Pricto, it consists on bizarre space-time symmetry calculations made with his infamous Prictic Calculator."
They describe themselves as a jazzcore band


Alfonso Muñoz Serrano aka Don Malfon (Barcelona, 1978), studied saxophone in The National School of Art in La Habana, Cuba, with Orlando Sánchez (Cuba Jazz). Currently specializes in several saxophones (baritone, alto and soprano) and performs regularly with Filthy Habits Ensemble, Planeta Imaginario(Cuneiform Records), BIB (Banda d'improvisadors de Barcelona) and IED8 (Audition catalogue ar008) Some other recordings and projects where he appears: October Equus (Alt Rock), Tara "aigua n´tji"(Temps Record), Sin Anestesia, Ourang Medan, Reptilian Mambo... (Discordian Records)


Pablo Selnik "studied the eight years of classical flute and then decided not to play classical. So he studied the superior courses of jazz and decided not to play jazz. He still doesn't know what he will play in the future but he knows that what he wants is what the others don't want. His passion for the bizarre led him to collaborate and record (flute and voice) in projects of a wide range of different styles, from free-jazz and free improvisation, to metal, rock and rumba catalana."


Vasco Trilla Gomes Dos Santos
Has played with a vast array of bands and ensembles of different styles like death metal, rock, jazz, free improvisation, among others, and in several countries such as France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Albania , Greece, Portugal... Some of the projects he is involved are: Planeta Imaginario ( Cuneiform Records ), Filthy Habits Ensemble, Ourang Medan (Trombone-baritone sax and drums trio - Discordian records ) & October Equus( Alt Rock Records )


Miguel Serna prefers not to have a bio. El Pricto prefers that you listen/enjoy this music instead of reading his bio.









Pablo Selnik, flute
Don Malfon, baritone sax
Miguel Serna, electric bass
Vasco Trilla, drums


Recorded, mixed and mastered by El Pricto at The Hodge Podge, Barcelona, 2011.
Composed, arranged and produced by El Pricto.

Picture by Jimmy Bikos. Design by Aniana Heras.