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Granite, Silk & Soldering
Release date: 25.08.11
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‘A Chance Encounter’: "I like to think that the music that is produced by Adam and myself takes place in a neutral zone, a space in which certain musical assumptions I normally have (of rhythm and pitch) can be warped and distorted to create a new kind of beauty, a kind of music that has a surrealist element, but that also references a low tech Sci-fi future. The basis of our dialogue is improvisation, we have this in common and we work from there.
This duo has its own challenges, for me it is to create variety - in order to do this I attempt to work at a more microscopic level than normal, that is I try to listen to the subtle variations present in the sounds that Adam makes. On a personal level we have a lot in common, we are of a similar age and come from the same part of England, and we share a lot of cultural likes and dislikes. I think this also affects certain choices that we make."


Adam Bohman: My involvement with Improvised/Experimental music began in the mid-1970's. At that time I was playing cornet (later trumpet) at Secondary School. I initially used my Father's reel to reel recorder to tape a wide variety of concrete sounds altering them by speed changes and other procedures. Later on a cheap Chinese Violin and home-made stringed instruments were employed together with various household objects.  My first music making was solo, but I soon joined up with my brother Jonathan and two friends that lived nearby. Throughout this period (1975 to 1982) I continued occasionally making my own solo recordings that were more experimental in nature.


I found ways of 'preparing' the strings with hairpins, clips, docket screws etc. It seemed a logical step after a while to stick instruments and objects down to flat surface so they could be played in conjunction with each other. My early cassette tapes which were not official releases, contained songs and/or layered experimental pieces, sometimes mixing the two. Just before moving to London from Surrey in 1983 I had joined an improvised music workshop at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone. Concurrently with Cockpit the live electronics group Morphogenesis formed by Roger Sutherland allowed me to extensively explore all the new ideas. Following the demise of the Cockpit workshop Nick Couldry and myself formed the band Conspiracy with Andy Hammond and John Telfer. This improvising quartet played many concerts over a five period and recorded a CD for the Matchless label.


In addition, over the years there has been a lot of ad-hoc improvising playing situations. My approach has always centered round the amplification of acoustic sounds, the only effects used being volume pedal, passive mixer and amplifier. If effects are used in the construction of tape pieces they tend to be quite primitive ones i.e.:- tin foil on speakers, distortion, variable record volume, mixtures of DI and air mike sounds etc.   On formation of the Bohman Brother duo in 1997 I began writing text pieces. This seemed a natural extension from the Audio Diaries I'd been keeping for many years. I have continued producing these kinds of pieces for a duo with actress/performer Patrizia Paolini as well as The London Improvisers Orchestra.  Basically my compositional aesthetic is very strongly influenced by my activities as an improviser. Most pieces can be subject to change based on the circumstances of live performance- i.e. whose available -and other factors.


Another important area of activity for me is the organising of concerts of improvised/experimental music on a regular basis, this includes concerts at The Rose and Crown Pub, Waterloo, Charteris Centre, Finsbury Park, Bonnington Centre, Vauxhall and Battersea Arts Centre, Wandsworth. 



Adrian Northover, alto and soprano saxophone, has toured extensively in Europe and North America, with B Shops for the Poor, The Remote Viewers and Sonic Phonics (with Billy Bang), Also in 2010 Adrian made a tour of Russia with Helen McDonald and Vladimir Miller.


Recent CD releases include To The North, by The Remote Viewers with John Edwards and Mark Sanders, and a trio of duo CD’s with Adam Bohman. Adrian can currently be heard playing on the London club scene with a wide range of musicians, as well as solo saxophone performances , these include Pat Thomas, John Edwards and Steve Noble in ‘Hard Evidence’ a quartet playing the music of Thelonious Monk , The Vladimir Miller Quartet, Roland Ramanan’s Tentet, the London Improvisers Orchestra, and Trip-Tik (with Catherine Pluygers and Adam Bohman).
Adrian also works with Hanif Khan (table and sax duo), Mehboob Nadeem (sitar, sax and percussion trio), and Indo-jazz fusion band Dha. Adrian studied Fine Art/Film at St Martin’s School of Art, and works with film and live music – recent projects include live performance to ‘Piccadilly’ (1926 silent film) with Steve Noble and Alison Blunt, and ‘9 Short Films by Women Film Makers’, with Trip-Tik , Vanessa Mackness & Barbera Meyer.


Recently Adrian has scored and produced the sound for 4 shorts ‘Survival in the digital age’ for The Tactical Technology Collective.



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Granite, Silk & Soldering




Adam Bohman, prepared strings and objects
Adrian Northover, alto & soprano saxophones

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Recorded and mastered by Adrian Northover at Oxo Studios
Picture by Adrian Northover. Design by Aniana Heras