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Release date: 27.05.11
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Pandillismo | Live at la Casa Encendida, Madrid and at Espai Cultural, Barcelona.



"In 2010, Musicalibre invited me to present a ensemble of mexican improvisers for the Hurta Cordel XIV in Madrid. I met Mario de Vega in Mexico City in 2000, at Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, performing as guests with the duo of the pianist Ursel Schlicht and the endangered guitar of Hans Tammen , a 10 day meeting organised by German Bringas. Rogelio Sosa and Mario de Vega are close friends performing and sharing gigs since long time ago. Rogelio met Juan Pablo Villa performing together in the 3rd edition of the Mexican Festival Espejos Sonoros,a meeting of multiple voices in 2008.

Pandillismo is probably one of that lucky accidents and a simple hazardous experiment of putting together people from distant musical backgrounds. It was a really nice experience and a pleasure to perform with them." (Julian Bonequi)


Rogelio Sosa (Mexico City, 1977). Located in between the boundaries of music and art, the work of Rogelio Sosa develops in the fields of experimental music and sound art. Using sound as the main creative plataform, his work explores a wide range of aspects that deal with sound morphology, structures of auditory reference, and performativity, questioning at the same time the contemporary notions of “noise” and “music”. After he finished his studies in Paris, since 2004 he lives in Mexico. He was curator and co-director of the Radar Festival from 2004 to 2007 and director from 2007 to 2010. Actually he is director of the experimental music festival Aural at the FMX - Festival de Mexico. Sosa has been awarded by the National Fund for the Arts, FONCA (Mexico) in five occasions, and has received important prizes and distinctions such as SCRIME Electroacoustic Music Prize (Bordeaux, France, 2000); the IMEB Electroacoustic Music Contest (Bourges, France, 2001), the Nuevas Resonancias Award (Mexico, 2001), the Russolo Electroacoustic Music Contest (Varese, Italy, 2002) and the EAR Electroacoustic Music Contest (Budapest, Hungary, 2003) and the Visiones Sonoras Prize (Mexico, 2008).


Mario de Vega (Mexico City, 1979) is a sound artist, technologist and researcher. His work explores the value of the uncertainty and the potential for unstable systems through site-specific interventions, project-oriented processes, multiple, sculpture and sound performance. He has participated in exhibitions and festivals in London (Cybersonica 07, Tate Modern Britain), Tokyo (Bend + + Opus 06, Superdeluxe), New York (Bent Festival 05/06, Eyebeam), Madrid (Arco 06, Queen Sofia Museum) Chicago (r4wb1t5 Festival, Busker-En3my), Los Angeles (Sound Art Festival, REDCAT, CalArts), Quebec (Flake Festival, Avatar Art Audio) and Mexico (04/05 Mutek Tamayo-Space Museum sculpture / Radar Festival, MEASURED / Festival Transitio ) And the Auditorio Blas Galindo and Interface, Puebla, among others. Is professor of Interactive Systems Design Center, Film and Television in Mexico City and part of the organization of Dorkbot, Mexico.
Curator of the 11th series at Ausland, Berlin. MONTHLY UNTITLED ACTS & UNSTABLE SYSTEMS.


Juan Pablo Villa (Mexico City, 1975) Mexican singer and composer who, for the last ten years, has been devoted to vocal research and exploration through free-improvisation, contemporary non-conventional vocal techniques and vocal manifestations of Mexico and abroad. His name is, without a doubt, a referent in Mexico in what concerns to vocal expression an exploration. He is currently offering concerts around the world in which, with the voice as core instrument, a looper and diverse objects, he creates a kaleidoscope of vocal possibilities that generate an irresistible and surprising landscape of sound.


Julian Bonequi (Mexico City, 1974) works mostly with noise and improvisation since 1995. Guest Professor of 3d Art Processes at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, and the Polythecnic University of Valencia. Dissemination of Musicalibre, drums on F.O.C.O. Orchestra, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra; has performed under the conduction of William Parker, Keith Tippett, Eddie Prévost, Michael Fischer, London Improvisers Orchestra. Currently works as soloist with drums and voice as natural amplifiers.









Rogelio Sosa, electronics & voice
Mario de Vega, electronics & voice
Juan Pablo Villa, voice & pedals
Julian Bonequi, drums, voice & pedals

Hurta Cordel XIV, Madrid 9th February 2010. Recording & Sound Engineers: Alvaro Muñoz & Ernesto Santana. Hurta Cordel I, Barcelona 12th February 2010. Recording & Sound Engineer: Pablo Rega

Mixed and Masterd by Mauro Martinuz, NEDAC North East Department for Arts and Community, Italy. Selection Edited by Audition Records

We want to give special thanks to Musicalibre Association & the Hurta Cordel Festival. To Mauro Martinuz, Olga Abalos & Ricardo Tejero.