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Release date: 20.04.11
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Salon Bruit "started in 2002 in Berlin as an open platform for international artists of various backgrounds who experiment with sound, art, music and noise in unconventional ways. Our activities include concerts, performances, independent radio projects and exhibitions in Berlin and other European cities.   A unique quality of the association is its open, interdisciplinary and independent approach. Our interests lie in the international exchange of ideas and the consequent synergies that this encourages. The emphasis is mostly put on the idea of sharing and networking, which is enhanced by our policy of inviting a mixture of local and visiting artists to the same events. These events take place mostly in the smallest cinema in Berlin, the "Lichtblick Kino". A renowned independent cinema in the old eastern part of the city. Most of this is documented and some of it played locally on air when the occasion arises."



Interview with Séamus O'Donnell aka LiFeLooP
Berlin 15.01.2011



"Since 1999 I am working as an artist with field recordings, radio transmitters; reel-to-reel tape machines, contact mikes, samplers/effects and more traditional instruments. As organiser I work with Salon Bruit e.V. and host a radio show with PiRadio on the local frequency 88.4FM in Berlin."


Séamus, who were the founders of Salon Bruit?

You know it all. Martin Kuentz, Kenneth Hyttel and me (Séamus O´Donnell.)


About the early history of Salon Bruit. When and where did it start?

The birth of Salon Bruit was in a squat in Schliemannstr. 39, Prenzlauerberg. We had been hanging out in their bar, called LSD, before they were finally extracted and given replacement apartments. We even put on a couple of events there with DIENSTbar. Shortly after the house was emptied and there had been some work started on it the leasers went broke and the house was then left with no roof. At the same time we were looking for a place to make a bar with good music. Something that we considered to be seriously lacking in Berlin at the time.

So we re-squated the place. The locks had not even been changed. It started as a weekly bar in the room above the kitchen, but the other rooms filled up very quickly with all sorts of people who needed a home. It was the first regular meeting place for the then newly formed That was the summer of 2002. After four months our secret squat was discovered on some random control and we were out within the day. Luckily the house next door, a former squat of friends, had a communal space, the Kathedrale. They invited us to move our regular nights in there. That's where we started to put on concerts on a weekly basis. That went well for around a year over 2003, attracting other people to help and collaborate. We still saw it very much as a meeting place for artists and audience alike, so there was many a plan hatched and acquaintances made there. It was not like now, where you have 20 spaces, even more, to make or listen to noise and experimental music at an affordable price in good company. It was do it yourself or die.


How did it develop from there?

Well, 2004/5 was a year more of projects like Leerstelle_ (one month in an empty school in Kastanienallee) and collaborations with festivals, like SOTODO performance art congress and Tromanale film festival and radio projects like Radioriff Auf Reisen, RebootFM or TwenFm. It was our first adventure outside Berlin, we participated in a Performance Festival in Paris as part of the SOTODO group. We have since been to Amsterdam, Praha a couple of times and a few places in Poland.

Anyway we finally settled down in Kastanienallee 77 in 2005. It's another x-squat with friends living inside. We are lucky to have these places in Berlin. We never got any funding and all of our own work is free, so we rely on these sort of communal spaces that we can use on a friendly basis. It also fits more with the style of what we are doing. It will never become a successful business for example, it just can't because of the way it works. That's how we like it anyway.


And what's going on now?

Well, it's worth mentioning that we became a registered association (or non-profit organization) in 2008. That's Gemeinnützige Verein in German.
Now the official number of members is around 20.

We continue to put on events in Kastanienallee 77, but just once a month now. We are still collaborating and travelling. Most recently with a friend in Poland and his project Terminal08. Because of him we have been in Poland four times over 2009/10. We collaborated on a big festival with DIENSTbar last summer in Stattbad Wedding. It was called Verwertung, which was also the theme. It means recycling and re-utilization. We had a lot of rooms with installations from around 30 artists under the main swimming pool. Over the 10 days there were four concert nights, a screening evening and workshops.

And radio is still very important. We have a regular show on PiRadio on 88.4FM. We invite artists in to play live during the 2 hours show and the highlights are still the Blind Dates, when we have the invited guests improvise with each other. They only find out who they will play with when they arrive at the studio.


We want to give special thanks to Séamus & Salon Bruit for his big support, and to all the artists involved.



#1 Angie Yeowell (USA) - 14.08.10 - Camp Tipsy, Klein Wall, near Berlin
#2 Circuit Parallele (FR) - 08.10.10 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#3 Gail Priest (AUS) and Mangrove Kipling (FR) - 15.02.04 - Blind Date on the Notmusik show of Reboot.FM, Berlin/online
RE-transmitted during an interview about Salon Bruit on RadioON - 14.09.07 - Cork, Ireland
#4 Hassan Khan (EG) - 25.01.08 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#5 Franz Fjodor
aka Wouter Jaspers - 27.04.07 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#6 Steffan de Turck aka Staplerfahrer (NL) - 27.04.07 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#7 Jeff Gburek (USA) and Rinus van Alebeek (NL) - 10.11.06 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#8 The Quiet Club (IE) - 01.12.06 - Lost Shadows 2 Festival, The Factory Schöneweide, Berlin
mickos | soundworksunlimited
#9 AntenA and David Vrbik (CZ) - 12.12.08 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#10 Tetsuya Hori (JP) - 25.01.08 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#11 Fake Mistress (DE) - 30.10.08 - Roxy, NoiseNoD Festival, Prag, Czech Republic
#12 Ostear (IE) - 01.12.06 - Lost Shadows 2 Festival, The Factory Schöneweide, Berlin. royelylyonscarroll
#13 Sciolist (IE) - 02.07.10 - Verwertung Festival, Stattbad, Wedding, Berlin
#14 Bob Rutman (DE) - 01.12.06 - Lost Shadows 2 Festival, The Factory Schöneweide, Berlin
#15 Preslav Literary School (UK) - 14.08.10 - Camp Tipsy, Klein Wall, near Berlin
#16 Hilot Lilanth (DE) and The Evolution Control Committee (USA) - 04.01.11 - Blind Date on the SuperSonic Radio Show with DIENSTbar, PiRadio in NK - Neuköln, Berlin/online
#17 DeeMeeTree (RU) - 24.10.08 - Acud, Veteranenstraße 21, Mitte, Berlin
#18 HANY (DE) - Nicholas Young & Harry Ansorge - 14.08.10 - Camp Tipsy, Klein Wall, near Berlin
#19 Ayankoko (FR) and Matchees (DE) - 19.12.08 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
#20 Lifeloop, Stoerfan Sender, Fake Mistress and Dr.Nexus - 15.08.10 - Session at the end of the Festival - Camp Tipsy, Klein Wall, near Berlin
#21 Mahmoud Refat (EG) - 30.11.07 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin


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Promotional compilation curated by Séamus O´Donnell & Julian Bonequi

Special thanks to Séamus, Salon Bruit, Angie Yeowell, Circuit Parallele, Gail Priest, Mangrove Kipling, Hassan Khan, Steffan de Turck, Jeff Gburek, The Quiet Club, Rinus van Alebeek, AntenA, David Vrbik, Tetsuya Hori, Fake Mistress, Ostear, Sciolist, Bob Rutman, Preslav Literary School, Hilot Lilanth, The Evolution Control Committee, DeeMeeTree, HANY ( Nicholas Young & Harry Ansorge ), Ayankoko, Matchees, Lifeloop, Stoerfan Sender, Dr.Nexus & Mahmoud Refat.

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