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Release date: 15.03.11
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The vocal and gestural versatility of the American performer David Moss, after the pionieristic experiences at Salzburg Festival in Luciano Berio’s Cronaca del Luogo, is put into relation with the research of Tempo Reale, the Italian center for music technology. New techniques of interactivity, microphoning, sound processing and movement are used for this work, but its main aspect is the building of a big sensitive table where Moss finds objects, cables, instruments, sensors, microphones and recycled items. Through such elements he is able to build a strong narrative path, a real “sound story”, made also of texts and readings, that allows listeners to follow a personal and surprising experience. The starting point of the entire project is “the earth” with its various aspects and elements (ground, water, wood, etc.) declined both from an abstract and physical point of view. The above mentioned elements will contribute to the creation of a real ecological music-theatre innovative work.

David Moss is considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music. He has performed his solo work all over the world. In 1991 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship; in 1992, a DAAD Fellowship (Berlin). Moss is the co-founder (with Muziektheater Transparant) and artistic director of the Institute for Living Voice (ILV), a workshop center hosting Master Singers from around the world. The ILV presented its premiere session in Sept. 2001 in Ghent, Belgium, and presented its 2004 sessions in June in Amsterdam (as part of the Holland Festival) and in October as part of the Melbourne Festival.



Center for music research production and education


Founded by Luciano Berio in 1987, today Tempo Reale is one of the main points of reference for research purposes, production and education in the field of new musical technologies. Since its beginning, the Center has been engaged in the realization of the Berio's works, allowing it the possibility of working in the most prestigious musical contexts in the world. The development of a criteria of quality and creativity derived from the Center's experiences is reflected by its continuous work with both famous composers and artists as well as with young emerging musicians. The main topics of research reflect the multifaceted ideas that have always characterised the choices and initiatives of Tempo Reale: the conception of musical events of great depth, the study of electronic processing of "live" sound, the experience of interaction between sound and space and the synergy between creativity and performance and didactic rigour. In addition to the activity of research in these areas, the Center regularly organises performances, events and projects in collaboration with various institutions in Tuscany involved in the fields of music, theatre and dance, as well as promotes a wide network of educational exchanges.










Produced by Fabbrica Europa- Tempo Reale
Idea: David Moss e Francesco Giomi
Voice, music, interactive table: David Moss
Sound system design: David Moss & Damiano Meacci
Interactive system & live electronics: Damiano Meacci / Tempo Reale
Sound projection: Francesco Canavese
Recorded voices (principal dialogue): Daniel Dwerryhouse & Silvia Paoli
Voice added: Anna Giomi, Damiano Meacci, Loredana Terminio
Building table: Adriano Pernigotti
Support audio-Stage: Francesco Casciaro & Giorgio Gristina
Translations: Debora Chellini
Special Thanks: Laura Catapano, Layla Dari, Elisa Prosperi, Annalisa Prota, Lorenzo Puliti, Marco Quinto, Claudio Verni
Audio Systems: BH Audio
Lights: Luisa Giusti
Organization for Tempo Reale: Elisabetta Macumelli & Loredana Terminio

Special thanks to David Moss, Francesco Canavese, Damiano Meacci, Francesco Giomi & Tempo Reale.
Design by Aniana Heras.

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