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Release date: 15.03.11
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Billy Roisz / gnu [analog/digital//video/audio] specializes in feedback video and video/sound interaction. Using monitors, cameras, video mixingdesks, a selfbuilt videosynth, computer and turntables for video and sound generating.

You can find more in Billy's vimeo profile:


AVVA is Toshimaru Nakamura(sound) & Billy Roisz(image) audio/video feedback created
with no-input mixing board & old analogue video mixingdesk


"I started making live video experiments in 1999, feedback-cam and audio-video feedback followed in 2000."
Since 2002 Billy switched into music performances also, normally using kluppe.

"I´d like to present current recordings of two of my duo projects. The first one is Skylla." ( Skylla are Silvia Fässler and Billy Roisz).

This is a recording Live at Rhiz, in Vienna.
Skylla has recently released a very limited edition (17pcs) of 7" black vinyl - self cutted, self designed - homemade.


brRRMMMWHEee, this video was the trailer for DIAGONALE Filmfestival 2010/Graz/Austria


About Skylla in their own words:


"After many years of enjoying sillyness we decided to change our bandname to skylla, the title of our debut album on editionsMego. We make music with computer and all kind of electronic tools, including turntables, sampler and sometimes guitar. Our home-base is the rhiz in Vienna /Austria, our virtual homebase is the spaceship We started as the DJ-duo ako&gnu 2001 at rhiz. In 2003 we played our first live gig as the duo silly. We recorded our first CD in June 2007 at ‘Atelier auf der Fleetinsel’ in Hamburg/Germany."


2006 | by NotTheSameColor (dieb13 &billy roisz) ... machines made to constantly create feedback and other physical interactions between optic and acoustic impulses and signals go from complexity into their own mode, that sounds and images are created as if on their own, that the machines’ characteristics, corporality and defects turn into content ... (excerpt from a text on BBO by Christian Scheib)


"The other recording is a duo project with Peter Kutin." Kutin is currently residing in Vienna as composer / soundartist / improv. musician. His compositions and installations appear as a dedication to the sensation of listening and require sensitivity and awareness.


Sound: dieb13, Toshimaru Nakamura, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, Billy Roisz. elesyn 15.625 goes back to the fundaments of electronic sound and image synthesis - the electromagnetic signals, their frequencies, amplitudes which are the basis for colours, lines, tone pitch, movement and dynamics. Moving images and music are generated by 'simple' forms of signal routing like acoustical and optical feedback, radio waves, bended circuits. The result is a very colourful - in the visual as well as in the aural sense of the meaning - diorama of 'electric synaesthesia' or the idea thereof.



1. skylla / Live at RHIZ, Vienna

Silvia Fässler – lloopp, electronics /// Billy Roisz - kluppe, turntable
Recorded by RHIZ Computer
Mastered by Dieter Kovačič
Pictures by David Murobi
live music photography, stage photography, venues mostly in Vienna.


Peter Kutin & Billy Roisz
Live January 26th 2011 at g7 Vienna
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Peter Kutin









Silvia Fässler – lloopp, electronics
Billy Roisz, kluppe, bass guitar, electronics

Recorded by RHIZ Computer & mastered by Dieter Kovačič. February 22, 2011
Picture by David Murobi. Design by Aniana Heras.

Peter Kutin, computer, guitar, electronics
Billy Roisz, kluppe, tv tube, bass guitar
Live January 26, 2011 at g7 Vienna
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Peter Kutin