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Release date: 15.03.11
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Dieb13 (Dieter Kovacic) plays regularly in/with:

the klingt.orgestra, NotTheSameColor, duet with eRikm, swedish azz , John Butcher Octet, various collaborations with Martin Siewert and Burkhard Stangl, duet with Phil Minton...

Software projects:

kluppe is a open source loop-player and recorder, designed for live use and developed by dieb13. kluppe does not sound nor look like microsoftTM excel#!&©
kluppe is the austrian word for clip or peg and sounds even crazier if you loop it. Is linux only (kernel >= 2.4) for now. click here for download.
Visit the documentation page for instructions how to compile and use kluppe.



Interview with Dieb13
Vienna, 23.02.2011


Dieb13 started computer programming since kid. In 1995 he had his first website, and around 1999-2000, he starts In the beggining it was a kind of sound installation around java, web and streaming. Recently they celebrated the 11th anniversary. There is an amazing document of a double cd produced by Kurt Liedwart, and compiled by Dieter Kovacic, Billy Roisz and Martin Siewert, with liner notes by Burkhard Stangl, at Microton Recordings. , titled 10 jahre bessere farben. These anniversary concert series are on January 13th, since 5 years ago.

After "sound web-installation", Dieb13 starts the mailing list activities sharing with other artists and friends, and hosting them in with an interface developed also by him. In that moment the Jokebux born. We´re talking about 2001. The Jokebux is not a netlabel, is much than that. Is a web archive where artists by themselves, upload & built together a strong database of concerts, announcements... but the most important, since a lot of years ago , the Jokebux is a good example of documental archives and a paradigm to follow in music networks.

Dieb13 started playing in 1997. Before he was dj, make some music for theater, turntables, electronic devices, pd externals, and later he switches to his own C programs as Linux user.


The experimental scene of Vienna in the 90's

In the late 90's there was a very strong experimental electronic scene in Vienna. Labels as mego (94-95) Peter "Pita" Rehberg, now Editions Mego. Charhizma (non active anymore), durion records - Werner Dafeldecker, Uli Fussenegger - , rhiz (97), a concert place and label in that years... but in the middle 2000, people moved, and many of these labels stopped working.
Now the scene is younger people with a lot of strength.
Names like Susanna Gartmayer, Tamara Wilhelm, Vinzenz Schwab, Peter Kutin, Tim Blechmann, Daniel Lercher, Ye Hui, Veronica Mayer...


Recommendations to listen experimental music in Vienna (2011)

Velak Gala series. Rhiz organizes now only a few days of experimental music, not as in 97 when experimental music was a hype in Vienna. Fluc, Garnisongasse and Amman Studios.


And about the u.series?

The u-series 2008/9 are a series of unique 7" vinyl flexi-disks . 30 pieces into 30 7". Unique pieces. Unique objects with a simple stamp as design.


So you record live, make a vinyl and then play a unique copy in your performances?

That's it. With a vinyl recorder I cut my own vinyls. You can see the machine in made by Souri.

Recently we released Skylla, a project of Billy Roisz & Silvia Fässler. 15 copy of 7" limited edition. People loved it.


Conversations between Dieb13 and Julian Bonequi, Vienna, 23.02.2011


More about (PDF in german):
More about Dieter Kovacic at









DIEB13: turntables + klopfer

Recorded live by Dieter Kovacic at Ars Electronica, OK Centrum, Linz, September 5, 2009

Picture by David Murobi. Design by Anaiana Heras.

Special thanks to Dieb13, David Murobi, the OK Centrum and to Ars Electronica

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