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Release date: 15.03.11
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In april 2010 d'incise was touring in Portugal with his duo Heu{s-k}ach, and on the day to get back home, you all know the story, no flights, our dear Eyjafjallajökull had its little crisis. So, be stucked in Lisbon for a week more... it could have been worth actually. d'incise and Gabriel had meet a few time before but never got the opportunity to play along, a fate of ashes made it possible. This recording is a frank and powerfull encounter in a free-noise vein, blending Ferrandini freejazz roots and d'incise electroacoustic ones.

d'incise, born in 1983, is member of the Audioactivity, music & visual collective founded in 2000 in Geneva (CH). In 2002 he starded to produce different kinds of electronic music, from dub to electronica, dangerously sliding to the more experimental ways of electroacoustic. His world is made with sound fractures, neuralgic crepitations, melancolic atmospheres and a non-dissimulated fascination for rust and faded rhythms.

After one self-produced cd in 2004, he started to release his music on various netlabels as Zymogen or Test Tube. Beside he pratice free improvisation, using laptop, live treatments and various objects & contact mics, Diatribes (open formation with drummer Cyril Bondi) is his main improvised projects. These regular and others occasionnal projects had included musicians as Barry Guy, Keith Row, Jason Kahn, Tomas Korber, Christian Weber, Jacques Demierre, Norbert Moslang, Ernesto Rodrigues, Johann Bourquenez, Le car de thon, Hannah Marshall, Rafal Mazur, Keir Neuringher, HKM+, Abdul Moimême...

He also coordinate the Insubordinations netlabel, dedicated to improvised music, collectivly coordinate the audioactiviste netlabel, do some graphic and screenprinting design and works on sound installations.

Gabriel Ferrandini: He really is the image of the universal music he plays. Born in Monterey, California, Gabriel Ferrandini is the son of a Portuguese father born in Mozambique but relocated to Brasil with only 2 years of age, and of a Brasilian mother with Italian ascendecy migrated to the United States in her teenage years. This "citizen of the world" lives in Portugal since he was 9 years old, and it was in this European country where, ironically, he discovered jazz and the practice of improvisation.

This fact is explained by the richness of the jazz and improvised Portuguese music scene, with already big repercussions in the world - as we verify knowing that a Portuguese discographic company, Clean Feed, was chosen by the online journal All About Jazz as Label of the Year in 2008. This is the context where the young musician is firming is name as one of the most important drummers around. With Rodrigo Amado's Motion Trio, Red Trio, Nobuyasu Furuya Trio, and the electro-acoustic / noise band Flu, or playing in ad-hoc formations with Rob Mazurek, Alberto Pinton, Alfred "23" Harth, Raymond Strid, and David Stackenas, among others, his presence is strongly felt. Ferrandini has a very personal view of the work with a pair of sticks, somewhere between Paul Lytton and Paal Nilssen-Love, and that makes all the difference. As the magazine wrote, "the future waits for him".



Text by Rui Eduardo Paes (Music/critic/writer)









D'INCISE : laptop & objetcs

Recorded by Joaquim Monte in Namouche studio, Lisbon on April 20th 2010. Pictures by Rafael Pinto & © 2010 Robin Parmar. All Rights Reserved. Design by Aniana Heras.
Insubordinations netlabel