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Release date: 21.12.10
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nonprivate is one of the alias of electronic music maker Chris Jeffs (UK) who has recently moved to Berlin. A trombone player in his youth, he progressed to making and releasing electronic music, touring extensively since 1994 as a live artist and DJ, most prominently under the name Cylob. He has released 13 singles and 5 albums on Rephlex, in addition to the EP “Spider Report” for Breakin’ Records. He turned to creating his own programs as a way of making his sound more distinctive. His granular synthesis and visual animation software "Particularity" won joint first prize in the LoMus 2010 competition.



Recent work has included programming for interactive installations and performances. This document include two concerts of nonprivate, and four videos, two of them created with Particularity software developed by Chris.

Read More about Cylob.



Chris proposed us a nice "competition". The time scale since now is about 6 weeks.
So download Particularity software and use it for generate sounds and visuals! And of course, produce a patch! Everyone who enters gets a new special version with 3 extra synthesis types. And the maker of the best patch gets a bonus function.

Deadline: Tuesday 1st february 2011, 24:00 hrs.

Send to info[at]auditionrecords[dot]com your patches, and videos.

Particularity is an open source program for generating sounds and visuals developed by Chris Jeffs. This program is for Mac OS X 10.4 and above, and has been tested on 10.4.11 and briefly 10.5. It is based on SuperCollider using its standalone capacity.

Particularity, along with a documentation PDF and the source code can be downloaded here .





Chris Jeffs aka nonprivate

Recorded at Berghain-Kantine on 2nd June 2010 and at Dense Records Shop, September 22, 2010, Berlin. Picture & Design by Aniana Heras.

Special Thanks to Chris Jeffs, LoMus, Berghain, Supercollider, and Dense Records Shop





[ar011] nonprivate | LIVE AT BERGHAIN & DENSE