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LIVE AT NK | Tripping Through Runtime
Release date: 16.10.10
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Valentina Vuksic (CH/NL), is a computer artist and programmer living and working in Zurich since 2001.

///Trippin Through Runtime/ A collection of elderly laptops is being examined via magnetic pickup microphones. The microphones transform the magnetic waves around the various electronic parts of the computers. Each action upon the laptops can be sensually experienced through a broad range of layered sounds. Already plugging the power and booting up an operating system reveals an own small-scale universe of sounds and provides insight into the complex spare room emerging between hard- and software.

This space is being explored and further modelled by triggering actions on purpose. System analysis tools, stress tests and custom c-programs shall bring the characteristics of each machine into the limelight. "Tripping Through Runtime" is a long-term study, diving into the invisible interrelationships of hard and soft computer matters by sensual means. The project aims at provoking and detecting specific behaviour of individual computer components in match with adequate software pieces. The microphone demonstrations are part of the first experiments to become acquainted with the hardware components.



VALENTINA VUKSIC: Acoustic trips through the magnetic spheres of motherboards Telephone adapter on computer

Recorded at NK by Valentina Vuksic. Berlin on May 8th 2010. Picture and Design by Aniana Heras

Special thanks to NK Projekt & Art Kill Art






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