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titel im Kopf, Klang im Körper Pt.2
Release date: 16.10.10
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Rinus Van Alebeek is a writer, sound artist and performer born in The Netherlands in 1956. He has published two books in his native country under the pseudonym of Philip Markus, the first of which - "De Weg naar Oude God" -, published in 1991, was awarded best first novel.

His approach to musical improvisation is seen as radical, based on sounds captured on his travels in and outside United States, Europe and northern Africa. Rinus Van Alebeek records, composes and performs with analogue equipment. During his concerts he mixes tapes thus creating lo-fi sound collages between noise and pure poetry.

The artistic biography of Rinus Van Alebeek is divided in two periods: prehistoric and historic. The prehistoric period stretches from the birth of the universe to the year 1989 a.C. The historic period starts in 1989 and is divided in three categories: literature, visual arts and sound art. Rinus is the organizer of the "little field recordings festival" in Berlin.



RINUS VAN ALEBEEK: Acoustic laptop, objects, precorded (mini-)cassettes, (mini-)cassette players & voice.

Recorded at Akustikon by Wolfgang Dorninger, Linz, on May 25, 2010. Picture and Design by Aniana Heras

Special Thanks to Akustikon and Wolfgang Dorninger






[ar005] RINUS VAN ALEBEEK | titel im Kopf,
Klang im Körper Pt.2